The new Xiaomi Yang Zi sofa arrives on the Xiaomi’s Crowdfunding platform

Xiaomi is a company that has managed to achieve something that few companies have achieved, and that is, be able to cover virtually all types of market, from smartphones to household products, such as cleaning robots, televisions and even sofas, among many others. This time we will focus on their new sofa called Xiaomi Yang Zi, which is available on the Youpin crowdfunding platform.

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This is an exclusive product for China; however, it manages to demonstrate quite well the enormous quality that Xiaomi looks for in each of its products. Despite its simple look, it is a very well designed and elegant sofa.

Features of the Xiaomi Yang Zi

The Xiaomi Yang Zi is made with a tough leather material, its design has been awarded the IF and Good Design awards. To be more specific, it is cow leather combined with natural fiber, which is why it is very soft and comfortable when sitting. This leather material has an approximate thickness of between 1.3-1-5mm. In addition to this, it works perfectly to maintain an adequate body temperature, since it is capable of both perspiring heat and maintaining it during colder times. This material passes through a total of 54 different quality control processes, all within 24 hours. Thanks to the enormous resistance of the materials of which it is made, it has a durability of up to a decade of guaranteed use.

Xiaomi Yang Zi Beige

Continuing with its design, the seats of the Xiaomi Yang Zi have a depth of 57cm, with a reclined backrest that will allow better adaptation to the neck. The cushions, on the other hand, are filled with untreated natural duck feathers, in addition to having double density sponges on each cushion separately. After having been subjected to 100,000 resistance tests, the cushion has a guarantee against collapses.

Xiaomi Yang Zi Brown

As mentioned above, this sofa is available on the Youpin Crowdfunding platform, however, it must be clarified that it is available in three versions, for one person, for two people and for three people. As for the price that has, the one-person version is available for a total of 2999 yuan, the two people version is priced at 4399 yuan and the three people version has a cost of 4999 yuan. It is expected that this product begins to be officially marketed from November 20.


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