Geeetech A20 Review

Enhancing Printing Experience with Modern Era Technology

The Geeetech A20 is a very smart and user-friendly 3D printing device. Its printing technology is FDM. It has a very steady design and comes with a lot or modern-day printing features which the users would love very much. It has a very easy assembly feature and has accuracy in speed and printing. Users can enjoy uninterrupted 3D printing without the fear of having to cancel the print due to some reasons. It is very compatible for the users for its latest specifications.

Geeetech A20 Review

The Geeetech A20 has a lot of unique features that attracts the consumers to buy it. So, without further introduction let us now get to know about this amazing device and the features, specifications that comes with it.

Quick Installation

The Geeetech A20 is a has a very simple installation process. The Geeetech A20 printer package almost comes assembles for the users. After opening the package, it will take almost 8 to 10 minutes to assemble the machine. Anyone with a knowledge of tightening a few screws and connecting some wires can assemble the machine very easily. So, the amateur users can easily install the device without any struggles.

Architecture & Design

The Geeetech A20 has a very simple & convenient design for 3D printing. Its body & frame is full aluminum profiled.  It has a printing capacity of about 442 x 447 x 487mm. It has such a subtle design that it can make use of its huge printing space. Users can enjoy large 3D printing. Its Aluminum framed structure allows it to achieve a very precise printing performance.

Meticulous Printing

The Geeetech A20 is a very accurate printing device. The printing accuracy of the printer is 0.1mm. The XY-axis positioning accuracy is 0.011mm and the Z-axis positioning accuracy is 0.0025mm. This accuracy allows the Geeetech A20 to deliver a standout performance.

Quality with Speed

The Geeetech A20 is an A one 3D printer which comes with a high-speed printing speed. It can print up to max 180 mm per second. But it has a very consistent speed of about 105 mm per second. This is very impressive for the quality performance that the RAISCUBE T8/T9 provides its users with.

Filament Runout DetectorGeeetech A20 Review

The Geeetech A20 has a filament runout detector feature which allows it to stop the printing process while the filament runs out. The device can again resume the printing process where it was left off after the new filament is installed. This feature is very useful as often users are unaware of the filament running out.

Resuming printing after power failure

Often power outage causes a very frustrating result in 3D printing. This causes a huge hindrance in the printing process. But the Geeetech A20 users has no worry at all as the Geeetech A20 stops the printing process when the power goes and again restart the printing process right where it left off when the power comes back. This reduces the failure rate of printing.

Firm Base

The Geeetech A20 has a very steady bottom framing. The Electronic components and parts are integrated into its lower bottom frame. This makes the A20 steady and amplifying its print quality.

Open Source Control Board

The Geeetech A20 comes with a high-tech open source GT2560 control board which allows the users to enjoy a large limitless printing space for the best quality printing experience. Open source control board is the modern generation technology to ensure lesser hardware for better quality software for efficient work.


The Geeetech A20 ha a very nice connectivity system as it supports Wi-Fi, SD card & USB card.

360 Degree Ventilating System

The Geeetech A20 comes with a 360 Degree ventilating system that allows the device to dispatch heat excessively. This is a very unique process as the heat can become a very nasty problem in 3D printing. So, the ventilation system design has to very efficient if 3D printing. So, the A20 has a first class pass on the ventilation system design in this regard.

Auto Leveling Sensor (Optional Add on)

The main body of the Geeetech A20 is very well efficiently coded to reinforce the auto-leveling function. The users just need to connect the device to the auto leveling sensor. This optional Add on process is well noted and would enhance the adherence of the surface of the first layer.

Good Adhesion Printing Platform

The building platform has a very indistinct feature for heating system. It has a Silicon Carbide Glass as a special coating on the building platform that ensures an even heating process and can rapidly achieve maximum temperature. Because of the better adhesion of the surface of the platform, it is also easy to take down the printed objects as the hot bed cools off.

Modularized Extruder Wiring

The Geeetech A20 has a modularized design for the extruder wiring system which makes It easier for the consumers to exchange wires.

Some Difficulties

Not Portable

The Geeetech A20 has a weight of 7.8 kg. So, it is very though to travel with. The Geeetech A20 is only convenient for office and professional use for its large printing space. It is not compatible for house 3D printing. So, the Geeetech A20 is just non portable for its heavy weight.

Large Printing space required

The Geeetech A20 has a very large printing space. This requires a lot space for the printer to put on. So, not every tables can support it. To use this unique device users must have to make a fixed point where it can be placed and assembled with ease.


The Geeetech A20 review clearly tells the message that the A20 delievers in the best way possible in respect of 3D printing field. It is one of the best printers in the market currently available right now. It has so many amazing features. From the large printing space from the open source control board it is a very nice piece of machinery for 3D printing. It also has a very low printing failure rate with its filament runout detector & its resuming printing still after power outage.  The heat dissipation is also perfect with its 360-degree ventilation system Overall it has delivered in all the prospects possible. But the Geeetech A20 is very much confined to professional use as it has a very large printing space and a lot of state of the art features. Armatures can also use it but has to give time to habituate.


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