Today’s generation keeps on updating themselves with the latest tech available in the market. And everyone knows that today’s generation is a generation of young. Keeping this thing in mind, all the big brands and even new upcoming small and sub-brands are now focusing on more modern technologies that will bring a change in trend, and they all tend to focus on younger generations first. Apple Inc. was the first company to launch truly wireless earphones. This change shocked the accessories market whole around the globe and completely changed the trend of how stylish earphones look. And now, Xiaomi, a China-based tech giant, who has built a good hold in smartphones market around the globe is all set to compete with Apple’s ear pods by launching their own XIAOMI AIRDOTS.

As the name itself suggests, the AIRDOTS are going to be a genuinely wireless earphone set. Upcoming with a TWS technology, i.e., a lithium-based solution, Xiaomi has innovatively designed the whole new set of earphones. They also mentioned that this version of earphones is going to be a “Youth Version.” Now by saying this, the company is ready to bring in good stuff especially targeting the youth around the globe. It will lead to an increase in competition within the leading Apple’s truly wireless ear pods and many other brands truly wireless ear pods already present in the market. Let’s Talk about some of the highlights of all new XIAOMI AIRDOTS and their features below and let’s check out if the new product is up to the mark or not.

Xiaomi Airdots

Here are a few highlights are given below:


The design is the main attraction of any device in today’s world, and Xiaomi’sAirdots didn’t fail to impress under this category. The air does have a unique design. They have a curvy look, and also the plan is given to these earphones is so attractive that you won’t think of any other brand after seeing these earphones. The overall build quality of these earphones is excellent at this price range. The weight of these air dots is just 4.2g that is even less than Apple’s Air pods. And with this compact size and truly wireless nature of this product, it is considered to be a step ahead in technology. The small and sleek design given to its earphones is a plus point. And overall this contributes to being a great package altogether.

Xiaomi Airdots

Additionally, when you look at the air dots, it comes with a loudspeaker which is helpful. The case charger is also beautiful with plastic layering on its outer side. And a great finish gives a lot of premium look to the case. The ultra mini body offers a lot of comforts when used in your ear. The circular round speakers designed on these earphones enhance the way these earphones look and make it a must buy for the customer. As for now, the Xiaomi air dots come in a white color finish that feels so premium when looked upon.

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It’s a mouth shut for all brands as XIAOMI here has brought in a lot of innovation in this field. With great features and highly durable XIAOMI AIRDOTS. XIAOMI is ready to gain attention once again. Xiaomi has been a great talk in Indian as well as the overseas market in the phone industry, and now it is taking a step deep into the accessories also. The expectations from Xiaomi has always been high and let’s now check out if it stays up to your expectations or not. Talking about the features which these earphones come up with are just pretty high. Ever heard of a touch panel on a headset? No, right? But this will not stay a “No” in case of Xiaomi Airdots. They do have a touch panel. And guess what? This touch panel in earphones can be used to perform gestures.

Xiaomi Airdots

Touch Panel

The Artificial Intelligence assistant can be right away accessed through this touch panel. Not only this, but the gestures can also help you to perform various functions such as to play a song, pause a song, change a tune. You can even handle your calls by just giving gesture, either you want to answer the call or reject it. The loudspeaker given on these earphones are provided to ensure a deeper bass to its users.

 Xiaomi Airdots

Benefits  of charge case and other salient features:

Now talking about features, we can’t miss a few of highlights of these earphones such as earphones when taken out of the box, turn on automatically. Xiaomi surely deserves applause for adding this feature with these air dots. It also happens in another case, if you keep the earphones back in the case, they automatically get disconnected. This charging case comes in with a built-in battery of 300mAh, which can quickly charge your earphones twice or thrice.

The compact design of the charge case and headsets make them easily fit in even in your pocket. The portability of these earphones is an added advantage. We all know, how good are the speakers of Xiaomi’s phones and their free headsets. So, these earphones too, won’t let our expectations down by providing a good sound system. These earphones also come with a case charger which is already mentioned above. So overall, regarding connectivity, it’s a thumbs up for Xiaomi’s Airdots. Yes, regarding battery backup Xiaomi’sairdots stay behind the race, but then the charge case with 300 mAh is always present to save them.

Xiaomi Airdots

Connectivity and Battery:

Xiaomi never fails to impress in any sector anytime. They want all their products to be with all the latest hardware and software available in the market. Interestingly, these earphones come up with the latest Bluetooth version, i.e., Version 5.0. This version of Bluetooth helps in providing stability in connection, and the increased range of 5.0 helps the device stay connected even if the smartphones are not close to it. On the other hand, Apple’s wireless earphones still work on Bluetooth version of 4.2. And this is again a plus point for Xiaomi Airdots.

Now when we talk about battery life. The battery life these earphones come with is not the best. But great regarding what it offers. They can provide a playback time of near about 4 hours which is just fine. The standby time on these earphones is excellent that is around 12 hours. So if you want to receive and make calls then, the battery would go throughout the day without discharging so much.

 Xiaomi Airdots


Xiaomi released these earphones in China at the pricing of around $46.99, which completely beats the pricing of Apple’s ear pods. These air dots are likely to go on sale on November,11 this year. According to the expectations, this sale is going to be a massive success for the company. With such an innovation in the field of wireless earphones, Xiaomi is undoubtedly going to take over the apple’s ear pods regarding pricing.

That is still a surprise yet and will be revealed by the company soon. And again in India, Xiaomi’s wireless air dots are going to set a tremendous record and surely going to change the trend of earphones. These kinds of headsets are directly linked and proposed for the young generation.

Xiaomi Airdots

Overall Verdict of XIAOMI AIRDOTS:

As the population in India, has a considerable percentage of young people, coming of these earphones in the market will change the scenario. So, it is overall, the power-packed package at very nominal pricing and with a lot of many features, it can easily face and compete among all the earphones available in the segment. Adding to everything, the touchscreen panel on the airports is a new and attractive feature and will surely attract a lot of customers. Xiaomi has well-structured and great functioning service centers. Which will provide help in any case you devise malfunctions during the warranty period.

Just two months later, these earphones are going to touch the market, and Xiaomi would be surely expecting a massive profit out of this. Why not? With such innovation, they deserve the appreciation. I am waiting for the day when there will be no wires around us. With such changes, this shall too happen very soon. Therefore, it’s a huge yes from my side and this a sure buy product at such a high value of money, with a company providing excellent service at your doorsteps every time. XIAOMI has always proved itself for its quality.


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