Huawei Honor 8X (4GB+64GB) Review

A mid-range killer smartphone

Everyone wants to have a smartphone with a better specification, with a better look and design. Well, there are lots of manufacturer in the market. But they only tend to give those on flagship phones. For it also they charge a big amount. Those who are seeking the design as well as good specification at a mid-range, they have to sacrifice on one thing. But nowadays the manufacturers are focusing more on mi-range smartphones. As in the market, the penetration and demands for the mid-range smartphones are huge.

Huawei is Chinese smartphone manufacture. Currently, it holds 2nd rank in the global smartphone market. Its sub-brand Honor is doing a tremendous job in a mid-range smartphone. Earlier, it has launched Honor Play smartphone with its flagship chipset Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 970. The smartphone was unveiled at a mid-range price. Honor 8XNow Honor has come with another mid-range smartphone with awesome looks and balanced specification. The manufacturer has unveiled Honor 8X with an attractive glass back body and with its new chipset Kirin 710. Not only this but also you can get AI cameras, a big screen with an awesome design at a mid-budget.

In this article, I have done a review of the Huawei Honor 8X smartphone. Have a look at the whole article to know the device better.

Unboxing of Huawei Honor 8X

Honor 8XAs you can see in the image, the Honor 8X smartphone comes in an attractive sky blue color package. You can see the brand name Honor, and the model 8X is mentioned in white color at the middle of the box. You can notice the AI mark on it. Here the processor comes with the AI support.

Honor 8XAt the backside of the package, you can see the technical specification of the smartphone.

Honor 8XAt the top edge of the box, you can have the information on the manufacturing date and price, etc.

Here I got the review unit of 4GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage. But there is another variant which comes with 6 GB RAM with 128 internal storage.

Honor 8XWhile you unbox the package at first, you can see the Honor 8X smartphone. The phone is wrapped with a plastic cover.

Honor 8XThen you can have the case cover and user manual. The case cove is a basic cover which is transparent. Also, you can have the SIM ejector tool.

Honor 8XNow you can see the USB to micro USB cable which helps to charge your mobile and transfer data.

Honor 8XNow have a look at its adaptor. The power adaptor is not a fast charger. The adaptor has a rating of 5 V and 2 A.

Physical Overview of Huawei Honor 8X

Honor 8XOn the top of the smartphone, you can see the secondary noise cancellation hole. But there is nothing else on the top edge. The sides of the smartphone are made from metallic materials. So the build quality seems to be premium.

Honor 8XAt the right side of the smartphone, these are the volume rocker button. Just below the volume rocker button, there is the power on/off button.

Honor 8XAt the bottom edge, you are getting lots of things. Here you are getting the main speaker. Just aside from the speaker, you can see the micro USB charging port.  On the left side of the charging port, you can see the main microphone. And at last, you can see the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Honor 8XOn the left side, you have the SIM tray. Honor 8XThis time it doesn’t come with Hybrid SIM tray as Honor Play mobile. Here you will get the support of 2 nano-SIMs and an SD card.

Honor 8XNow have a look at the backside of the Honor 8X phone. The back is the glossy back. It is due to the glass material. The phone seems to be premium for it. Her you can mark the back is with double toned coloring texture. You can see the fingerprint sensor at the mid. At the corner, you can see the dual camera setup. Just below the camera, you can have the flash light. This camera has the AI support which is the special feature of this smartphone. The brand name Honor is mentioned at the left bottom vertically.

Honor 8XNow move to its display. The Honor 8X comes with a 6.5-inch big display. The display is a Full HD display. This display comes with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.Honor 8X Here you can see it has a smaller notch than Honor Play smartphone. On the notch you can have the phone speaker, front camera, and the proximity sensor. At the bottom, it has a very small chin. So the phone has displayed to body ratio of 90%. That is why the phone looks so premium at this price.

Here you can have the in-display navigation buttons to operate your smartphone.

Review of Huawei Honor 8X

A big screen display smartphone always requires a fast and stable chipset. Here Honor 8X is powered by HiSilicon Kirin 710 SoC.  I have received the 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage variant. Considering the performance part, this variant is doing very well. If you wish more little better variant, you can opt for the 6 GB RAM with 128 GB internal storage variant.

Honor has used Kirin 710 chipset for the first time on this phone. This chipset is the successor of Kirin 659 chipset. And it has improved a lot from Kirin 659 SoC. This Kirin 710 is architected on 12 nm structure. It is an octa-core processor. Here the eight cores are clocked at 2.2 GHz frequency. If you compare the performance with Snapdragon 660 chipset, then it has a little edge over 660 SoC. To have a better understanding, you can see the benchmark images below.

Honor 8XOn AnTuTu Realme 2 Pro smartphone has scored 128430 points. This phone is using Snapdragon 660 SoC. Now have a look at the AnTuTu score of Honor 8X smartphone. The phone has scored 139785 points. This is quite higher than Snapdragon 660 SoC performance.

Honor 8XNow let us consider the Geekbench score. The Honor 8X has scored 1602 and 5435 points on singe core and multi-core performances respectively. From the image, you can see it is quite higher than the performance parameter of Snapdragon 660 SoC. But if you look at the 3DMark’s Slingshot test the Kirin 710 performance stays slightly behind the Snapdragon 660 SoC performance. So from the above analysis, you can conclude that the Kirin 710 SoC performance is quite better than the Qualcomm’s latest mid-range SoC Snapdragon 660’s performance.

Honor 8XThe Honor 8X works very smoothly. Here you can experience the quicker app launches and smooth transition between the apps. You will experience very negligible stutter when using apps like Facebook. The Facebook app continuously consumes data to load. But here you can enjoy a very smooth operation. Also, the multitasking operation is a phenomenon here, although EMUI always tends to aggressive RAM management. Here the EMUI always kills the processes or apps those are active on the background. Suppose you are using Netflix, and you minimize it to reply on Whatsapp when you again restore the Netflix, it will starts from the begging. This feature is quite irritating.

Now let us consider the game is playing on Honor 8X. Frankly saying the GPU which the smartphone is using is not good enough then the GPU of Snapdragon 660 SoC’s GPU. But Honor has done a good job by introducing the GPU Turbo technology to tackle the problem. So the gaming performance is quite improved on this phone. But the GPU turbo technology is restricted to some games. Thankfully, it has employed the GPU turbo with PUBG game which is very popular nowadays. You can enjoy PUBG in a medium setting with the stable frame rate and very minimal lags.

Software Performance of Huawei Honor 8X

Honor 8XThe Honor 8X has come with Android 8.1 OS. The brand has promised to get an update of Android Pie with this phone, but it has not set any particular timeline for it. It runs on custom UI of EMUI 8.2. It has got the security patch update of September which is quite appreciable. You can also get the NFC support here. The phone also comes with face unlock feature. But the face unlock is not that faster than other Honor phones. You can have some pre-loaded apps like Netflix, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. You can even uninstall these preloaded apps if you don’t require them.

Moreover, the Honor 8X has its RAM Booster. It helps to free the RAM and delete the junk files also. While playing games, the UI kills other apps to experience the uninterrupted gaming. Here you cannot uninstall the Honor centric apps.

Camera Performance of Huawei Honor 8X

Honor 8XHonor has highlighted the camera on its teaser as the best part. Thankfully the camera is featured with AI sensors. So the AI will do much better work to have a good picture in any condition. At the rear side, you can have a 20 MP camera with the aperture of f/1.8. You will also get a 2 MP depth sensor. The rear camera is featured with AI technology which is capable of taking pictures at portrait mode. You can also vary the depth in real time. The front camera comes with 16 MP with f/2.0 aperture. It is also capable of taking selfies on portrait mode.

The camera performance is good but not that appreciable. When you turn on the AI mode, the phone takes photos which are always with oversaturated color and of high contrast. This is a bit annoying as it gives the feelings of artificial pictures.

Daylight condition

Honor 8XAs the rest mid-range smartphones, the Honor 8X also performs very well whenever there is sufficient light. Here I have given the picture sample. I have taken the pic at New Delhi. The time when I had taken the pic, there was smog. But the camera can take a decent picture. The camera is using warm white balancing here. When you go through the shadow part, there are fewer details in the picture. In my point of view, Redmi note 5 Pro is doing better performance in camera than Honor 8X.

Indoors light condition

Honor 8XAt the indoor lighting condition, the camera performs well. The AI tries to lighten up and has details on the pictures. You can see the sample picture.

Lowlight condition

Honor 8XAt this point, the camera struggles a lot. If you turn on the AI mode, it tries to brighten the background. Here you also lose the stabilization. The shutter speed also very slow here. So you have to be careful with your hands while taking the picture. But in my point of view, the camera of Honor 8x is doing better than the camera of Honor Play at all condition.

Battery Performance of Huawei Honor 8X

The Honor 8X smartphone comes with a massive 3,750 mAh battery. But here you are getting a 6.5-inch panel. But it doesn’t matter. If you are a medium to the heavy user, you can enjoy the battery life happily for one day. But if you play PUBG, the battery drains out rapidly. So you may use your charger twice a day.

To charge your battery, you are getting here a 10 W charger. This charger takes one and half an hour to fully charge the battery.


Honor 8XSo overall the Honor 8X smartphone is a good smartphone at its price tag. Here you have a very big screen where you can enjoy video playing. It also has very massive battery life. It has a decent camera which is also featured with AI support. Not only that but also it has very attractive designs which tend to give premium smartphone experience. You can have a glossy back body. I can recommend you this smartphone as it is one of the best at this price range.

I hope the review is good enough to have a better understanding of this Huawei Honor 8X smartphone. Please do comment if any issues.

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