Multipurpose Fully Automatic Woodworking Precision Panel Saw Now Available for $2995.12

Many of us live in houses that are entirely made of wood. In many cases, 60% or 70% of our homes are made of wood. This means that sooner or later, we will need to make wooden repairs or fix broken areas. These “little” jobs do not necessarily need the attention of a carpenter. If we have the right equipment to cut our wood to shape, we can entirely fix our homes by ourselves. Personally, I fix the broken wooden part of my house for sports. It keeps me busy and gets me going. One equipment that is very important if we must have accurate cutting is the Woodworking Precision Panel Saw. This is NOT a small equipment. I use my spare garage as a workshop for this masterpiece and its workability is amazing.


This is a heavy duty woodworking saw which is designed to give you all sorts of lengths, thickness, and width of the wood. It is a fully automatic device. All you need to do is get the complete dimension of the woodwork that you need. Calibrate the equipment and place the wood in it. The job gets done in no time. This Fully Automatic Woodworking Precision Panel Saw has a maximum processing length if 2800 (2.8 m) and the maximum processing width is 80 mm (8 cm). The maximum processing width is 1250 mm (1.25 m). With this dimensions, you can be sure that all your wooden works can be fixed seamlessly. Broken wooden structures in the home are never really longer than 2 m so this device is just what we need.

Like we said earlier, the Multipurpose Fully Automatic Woodworking Precision Panel Saw is NOT a small tool. It weighs a massive 650 Kg this it is an equipment that requires a dedicated “home” or workshop. Besides the direct long wood cutting, this equipment can also give you a 2m/3m/4m/ roundtable cutting. It comes with 380 rated voltage and the rated power is 4.75 (kw). This tool is for professionals, however, as an amateur, a careful study of the associated manual will be of much help.


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