Begins the Web Summit 2018 conference in Lisbon!

For all technology lovers, there is an annual event that cannot be missed, it is the Web Summit. And for those who do not know what it is, we will make a brief summary. The Web Summit is an event, or rather, a conference held annually since 2010 (being the first in Dublin), whose main theme is Internet technology, which usually attends all kinds of industries related to this world. To give an example, this year it is known that Microsoft, Nestlé, Google, Samsung, Shell, among many others will attend.

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Information about the Web Summit 2018

The first thing to mention is that this event will take place in Lisbon from next Monday, and it turns out that there is a certain amount of entry to the public, which has already been sold out. In total, more than 70,000 people will participate, so the popularity of the forum is evident. In addition, in the previous news, we echoed that the Web Summit would be held on Lisbon until 2028 because a deal was made for an amount of 11 million euros to maintain its validity and exclusivity in the region.


According to official data, the last edition had a participation of 170 countries, and from which we can disaggregate a total of 1,200 speakers, 2,500 journalists, and 2,200 companies. As previously mentioned, this event will have an audience of 70,000 spectators, which surpasses its previous edition that had an audience of 60,000 people.

Web Summit Logo

Now, a big surprise. We are pleased to announce that for this edition, the Xiaomitoday news team will be a participant in the conference with personnel in charge of bringing you the latest news first-hand.

Web Summit Forum

The Web Summit brings together the world’s leading technology companies, as well as smaller companies and even entrepreneurs. Currently there are no specific details of the type of presentations that will be seen in this event (and we do not want to ruin the surprise about some of the events), however, it is known that startups from small and large technology companies will have innovative projects never seen, or at least, that is what is expected. The only thing that can be done at this time is to wait for the event to start and see how it surprises the world.

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