Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset Review

Xiaomi is a powerhouse of innovation. Every now and then we see some beautiful craftsmanship and excellent built devices from Xiaomi. This time we bring you Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones, from the house of Xiaomi. The headphones come with built-in support for aptX, reasonable cost, convenient design and also with good autonomy. However, everything was not so great. Let’s see how these headphones perform in the real world.


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset
Impedance: 32 ohms
Charging port: Micro USB
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Bluetooth: 4.1
Bluetooth profiles: HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Drivers: 40 mm
Signal range: 10 m
Standby time: 200 hours
Play time: 10 hours
Dimensions: 199 * 82 * 255 mm
Weight: 235 g

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Packaging

The headphone comes in a pretty premium box of cardboard and plastic. The packaging looks nice and gives a feel of Xiaomi products. As most of the products from Xiaomi comes in a white colour box. However, if someone sits on the box while transportation, there’s very little chance for survival of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones. On the back side of the box, there’s description in Chinese and English. You will only get headphones and manual with the box. The thing which we feel indecent from Xiaomi is they even not pack a cheap charging wire into the product kit.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Appearance

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones are only available in matte black colour. Design of the headphone looks a lot similar to the Mi Comfort wired headset. The entire body of the headphones is made up of premium matte plastic. The headphones body is identical to most of the products from Xiaomi, and it’s very pleasant to touch and hold. You will not have any problems with the fingerprints, as the headphones are fingerprint resistant and do not collect them. After using lots of products from Xiaomi one thing, we can say with confidence that, “If the device is from Xiaomi, then it is assembled perfectly”.
However, our theory fails with the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones. For these headphones, it seems to us they are some cheap “Super Bass Boost” replica of expensive headphones.  You can not take them in hand and not hear the crunch, creak or even some devilry. We have also checked some reviews on YouTube about it, they all seem to be silent about it. Maybe its our bad luck we got these headphones.
The headphones weigh around 235 grams. Dimensions: 199 * 82 * 255 mm.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s start from the top of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones. The outer part of the headphones comes with the Xiaomi logo at the top. The inner part of the headphones has a dense silicone covering, with plastic at the folding portion of the device. This makes it very easy to fold the headphones for easy transportation. You will not get any bag with the device for easy carrying of headphones. Near the place for folding the headphones on the left cup, you will get the name of the device and other uninteresting information. Another side of the headphones is empty and doesn’t have any engravings.
You can also extend the headband, with the mechanism provided with the device. For easy extension steel plate at the base and eight positions, including the original one, is used. You can extend it to any position you want, but the permanent fixation in the desired position is not available. It can only help with removal of headphones from the head a little faster than usual, as the state will shift on one side.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

The back side of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones comes with the same pattern as on the Mi Comfort. On the right ear cup, you will get an additional microphone for noise reduction. On the left ear cup, you can find all the controls of the headphones. Most of the controls of headphones are present behind a carelessly pasted piece of paper with control guidance. The panel is not touch control. The beautiful enclosure presses the button hidden inside the cup. The pressure-sensitive zone starts from the middle of this enclosure and goes to the very bottom, where it works better than that.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

In contrast you will get following controls with the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones:

  • One press – play / pause.
  • Double tap to launch voice assistant on the phone.
  • One press on an incoming call – accept.
  • Hold on incoming call – reject.
  • Long hold – on / off.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

You will also get beautiful LED on the cup of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones. It blinks after every seven seconds when the headphones are in on mode. The whole inner part of the cup is movable. For the reason to make headphones sit comfortably on the heads of different sizes and shapes. The inner part of ear cushions is soft and removable. Almost whole case of headphones is made of PU leather. The inside filler comes with something like regular foam rubber. Ear cups can be easily removed and put on without any problems. The speakers of the headphones come cover with a sandwich made of mesh fabric and foam rubber. On both of the earcups, L / R marks are present as a result you can wear them correctly each and every time.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

On the bottom side of the left cup, a volume rocker is present. Furthermore, on the right cup, micro USB port for charging and the primary microphone is set.  Xiaomivists put Type C into their razor and micro USB in BT headset. The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones also comes without a 3.5 mm mini jack. Consequently, there will be no wired backup with the headphones. The time is for Bluetooth headphones, so we didn’t miss the 3.5mm jack.

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

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The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones comes with Convenience for prolonged use. We have used the headphones for a long time, and this is the best part about the device. Also the headphones are quite comfortable to use, and there is no question regarding that. As we stated earlier, the headphones are kind of replica of Xiaomi comfort headphones, so the comfort-ability is on the above-average mark.

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones sit comfortably on the head. They do not crush either the top or the ears. Fixed well too. With sharp turns, headphones do not fall. My ears are hidden in ear cushions somewhere in the 80 per cent. For 2 hours of continuous use in a cool room, my ears did not sweat. I didn’t go on the street because the headphones are too huge. The bulge on the sides by ~ 4.2 cm.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones

Sound autonomy

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones comes equip with the CSR8645 audio module with support for aptX and 40 mm dynamic drivers. Bluetooth version is the latest 4.1. BT supports profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP. Each power-up, shutdown, unlink, and source link will be accompany by an annoying set of words in Chinese. Connection with the two sources at the same time is possible.

Microphone .

Using the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones for calling have no problems at all. We use the headphones for Skype, and it turns out to be brilliant. There is no extraneous noise. The sound from speakers is brilliant, and you can hear them without any problem. While on the call you do do not have to ask anything again. Even on the noisy street, the sound was clear and efficient.

Delay in watching videos

On PC & Orico BTA-403 with BT 4.1, on PC & BlitzWolf BW-BR4 with BT 5.0 and on OnePlus 6, also with BT 5.0, the dyssynchrony is entirely absent.
Signal quality .

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones comes with a Bluetooth connection up to 10 meters. If you are in an apartment of 50 m², no matter how many walls you enter, there are no stutters, cliffs or other interruptions. Even if you close the cups of earphones with your hands, the playback does not pause either. Also, the location of the source also does not affect anything in our case.
Noise isolation .

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones doesn’t provide complete sound insulation in these headphones, however, the minimum amount of sound enters and doesn’t cause any hindrance. Also the surrounding sound is a little hear the music you are listening to.


From here we present you everything related to the sound of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones. If you play some song with a bitrate below 320kbps from your playlist and play it at above-average volume with the source without aptX support, you will start bleeding from these headphones. Regarding everything else, not with all case, it is so bad. With high-quality recordings, the difference between “with aptX” and “without aptX” does not strike the mind. However, with aptX, you will get more detailed sound, more voluminous, and just a bit adds expressiveness to low frequencies. With more complex songs where there are different instruments at maximum volume, the sound becomes sharp, the high and middle frequencies are mixed into a mess.

In such cases, you will have to use a built-in equalizer. The loudness level most acceptable to us, at which a certain frequency equilibrium is still observed, is around 85%, which is quite enough.However, still, the emphasis is on high volume. Low frequencies songs are not so much expressive and do not reveal the full caliber of Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones.Putting in motion any available “improves”, a completely different tangible and saturated bass appears. On the other frequencies does not fit. The most profitable genres for these headphones are electronics, pop and can hip-hop. Light rock is also overcooked, but something like New light- Jhon Mayers sounds dirty and cannot be fixed with any settings. In short, with heavy music, cleanliness and detail on Mi Bluetooth Headphones is not available.


The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones comes with a built-in battery of 400 mAh. However, there is not a word on the package itself, and in the instructions, The headphones take around 2.5 hours to charge them completely.  The current supply (up to 0.2A) stopped after 1:19 at ~ 260 mAh, but the LED went out after ~ 1: 47. “Poured” for these half an hour has not increased. What is the reason for such a difference in charge time is not clear. The claimed standby time is 200 hours. As they say, a strong statement, we certainly will not check it. Our copy with continuous playback of music at maximum volume stretched 9 hours and 45 minutes, which is 15 minutes less than promised. Also at 50% of the volume, the headphones showed an excellent result – 19 hours and 50 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones


In the end, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones are great. Build quality is excellent same as Xiaomi Comfort earphones. The headphones are perfect if you are looking for a Bluetooth headphone in the medium range. Long time of headphone use doesn’t cause any problem or become uncomfortable. 10 hours at maximum volume and 20 at a medium level to be very decent battery life. Also, we are pleased with ergonomics, the high-quality microphone, and support for aptX.

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