Feiyutech Vimble 2 Smartphone Camera Stabilizer

If you are looking for a good but not so costly camera stabilizer for your smartphone, then you must check out Feiyutech Vimble 2. It has got good extension of telescopic rod and also cheap in price. Now let’s see what is going to be delivered when you order this product.

Camera stabilizerAs you can see the box is of white color with the logo and image of the product of it. The box is made of white cardboard. Now, let’s unbox the product. After opening the box, you will get a bag like a box made of plastic with a handle and which can be open with a zip. This outer box with a handle makes it convenient to carry it anywhere. And this product is also quite small in size and light in weight to carry anywhere. This outer packaging is quite classy in look, unlike other cheap packaging. So the outer part and packaging of the product will get thumbs up. Now, let’s move towards the product.

Unboxing of Feiyutech Vimble 2 smartphone camera stabilizer

Camera stabilizerAs you can see in the image when you open the box, you will get the stabilizer bar and other accessories. Camera stabilizerAlong with the stabilizer rod, there is a pole, charging line, tripod and recoil line and manuals. As per the manual of the product, the balance bar of this product is good, and it also comes with a scale (according to me the scale is not of much use). The lock can be tightened to lock it. You have to push a bit hard so that it will lock automatically. It feels like a cable tie.

Physical overview of Feiyutech Vimble 2 smartphone camera stabilizer

Camera stabilizerThe stabilizer is the internally two-way mechanical result so that it can be opened by pulling it. The main focus is to ensure the looking effect. While balancing you have to put some effort to pull out and press in. The elastic spring clip of this product is same as other product brands. To adjust the vertical and horizontal direction of the phone, the spring elastic clip can be rotated freely.

Camera stabilizerNow, look at its connecting interface. There are three types of connecting interface on this product. Here you will get type C, micro USB, and lighting interface to charge your smartphone. So there is no worry as it almost covers all smartphones in the market.

Camera stabilizerIn the given image you can see at the back side there is a lock focus button with two consecutive locks, one click to unlock. Camera stabilizerAnd the back surface of the product is covered with a leather-like rubber skin to improve the friction. And to make it anti lost it has got a hole. It also comes with an anti-lost rope with the stabilizer. Unfortunately, the photo is not available with me right now.

Camera stabilizerNow have a look at its handle. You can see the big button. This is the power on/off button. You are also getting a separate button to take a snap or to shoot a video. Moreover, you will also get a micro USB port. So overall, the handle also works as a stabilizer.

So the overall look and appearance of the product are good till now. It has got good leather-like rubber material back for good grip, the look is smooth, and it has no burrs.

Performance of Feiyutech Vimble 2 smartphone camera stabilizer

Now let’s see the performance of the product.

Camera stabilizerThe operating interface is just in the middle of the handle of the camera stabilizer. This makes you have the great edge of operating this camera stabilizer. You can comfortably operate it while using the camera stabilizer.

Camera stabilizerNow coming to the extension rod, it is divided into four section which can be extended up to 18cm. If you think 18cm is not long enough, then you are absolutely wrong. 18cm is long enough to make your big face look smaller. It is also suitable to shoot in the crowd with its portable stand and with the 18cm long rod.

Camera stabilizerHave a look in the image how to extend the rod. You just have to hold the handle and pull it outward. You have to put some effort to extend it. As you can see in the image, you have to apply some strength to extend especially on the wrist.

At first, I thought that the whole camera stabilizer is only 18cm long. I was a little disappointed with this. I thought this stabilizer was not stretchable. When I saw the stabilizer, I thought the unit is all of the electrical circuits. But when I read the user manual, I got this camera stabilizer is also stretchable. Camera stabilizerLook at the pictures. You can see how you can stretch the camera stabilizer from its handle.  Moreover, with it, you will have wrist exercise.

Camera stabilizerNow damping of the rod is also easy and good. When you attach your phone with the stabilizer and dangle it, it holds the phone tightly, like no levers. And they also don’t sway at all.

Camera stabilizerNow let’s talk about its APP. The name of the app is Vicool. In market two types of devices are available, i.e., Apple and Android. The functioning of both the devices is different. The phone has more features which are also a bit complicated on the other hand android has fewer features which are simple to use. So iPhone has more features in comparison of Android.

Camera stabilizerNow let’s discuss the operation of the stabilizer. There are many interesting operations such as the lock object button. After setting your phone with the stabilizer, your phone will move with the movement of the locked object. Feiyutech Vimble2 can rotate up to 320 degrees three-axis rotation. The rotation angle is good, but still, it needs to improvement in tracking speed.

Camera stabilizerWhile taking video, once the object is locked, if the movement of the object is too fast then tracking may not catch up with the object. If you reduce the speed of the moving object or if you adjust the speed of the rotating shaft in the setting then you can cope with the object with the screen of the mobile phone and three axes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Feiyutech Vimble 2 smartphone camera stabilizer


  1. This stabilizer is not so costly. You can easily afford it.
  2. Quite simple to use.
  3. Comes with complete accessories.
  4. There is a feature which can recoil the mobile phone.
  5. The extension of the rod is quite impressive. 18cm is quite a good extension length.


  1. You need to put some effort or use some strength to extend the stabilizer.


Camera stabilizerThe Feiyutech Vimble 2 camera stabilizer is one of the best stabilizers I have ever seen. From the price point of view, the quality is awesome. Moreover, her you can have a nice controlling action. The supporting App also works perfectly on your smartphone. The build quality is also awesome. If you want to take my point of view, then I am quite happy with this camera stabilizer. It is far better than my previous stabilizer. Moreover, here you are getting all types of connecting ports. That’s why it supports almost all smartphones in the market.

I hope I have described the review of the Feiyutech Vimble 2 Camera stabilizer satisfactory. If you like this new camera stabilizer then you can go for it.

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