Xiaomi Mi Power Strip Review: Extension cord with built-in USB-adapter

Hello everyone, today we bring you one of the most useful product from Xiaomi the Mi Power Strip. Being an ardent fan of Xiaomi, we have accumulated some of the small handfuls products of this company, which we actively use. You will see some great Xiaomi product reviews soon from our side. So starting the review first product we have selected is the latest extension Xiaomi Mi Power Strip.

The market is full of different types of extensions both from Xiaomi and other brands. Extensions come in various shapes, sizes, with the different number of connectors, with WiFi and so on. The thing which makes Xiaomi Mi Power Strip different from other brands is their apparent sense of security. You cant plug your expensive gadgets in any extension you can find.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip

The Xiaomi Mi Power Strip comes in a white colour box, usual Xiaomi style. Sorry, we did not save the box and forget to click pictures when we received it. Well, the box was a normal paper one, with nothing inside them except the extension. We have utisie the extension for nearly six months and never face any kind of problem with it.

The box came neatly pack in the box, without any paper or manual. Well, there is no need of that as well. The only thing that catches our attention was the Chinese Plug. We just went to the shop and bought a regular one, cut off the Chinese and change it to ours.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip

If you want you can also use different adapters as well, it’s up to you. The Xiaomi Mi Power Strip comes with a cable length of 1.8m. The design and tactile of extension are up to the mark. No questions arise to the product quality. The body is made of premium plastic, and there are no gaps, nothing dangles inside. For the working part, you will get three sockets with various types of plugs. You will also get three USB ports nearby plug, and you can use them directly to plug any USB powered device, without worrying about the device. On the other side, you will get a switch, it has an unpleasant backlash, but on the whole, it’s all right. The quality of the cable is excellent, and it’s going to stay for a long time.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip

On the bottom of Xiaomi Mi Power Strip, you will get a regular MI logo. There is also technical information written with it. On the side corners, you will get four rubber feet, thanks to which the device does not slide on the table. There are not any holes in the extension for mounting on a vertical surface.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip

We started using Xiaomi Mi Power Strip. We used the extension outlet for small devices like QC adapter for smartphones, soldering irons, charging for 18650 batteries, and others. The extension comes with a stated permissible current strength of 10 A, and it is enough for a small heater on a cold winter evening. Also with the built-in USB adapter, we charged the phone, smartwatch, power bank and other types of equipment. The device claim to provide power is 15W, and one port is capable of delivering a current of 2.1A. Even after we used the device for more than six months, not a single scratch appear on the extension.

Xiaomi 6-Outlet Power Strip Unboxing

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip

The only thing which we find unpleasant with the device. The built-in USB adapter beeps boldly. High-frequency sounds muffle the noise of computer coolers, but in the night silence, they can be heard.  Even then when we tried to google it, is it with every Xiaomi Mi Power Strip, then it’s not. Maybe we got a little bit unlucky. Overall it’s a great extension. It can be used with lots of devices. Cable is of nice length and does the job perfectly.

Bottom line:
+ Looks good

+ Build is quite good

+ Built-in USB – Squeak when using USB (maybe a bad copy)

– Chinese plug out of the box (adapter, by itself, not put)


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