Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard Review

The 104 Keys Cherry Version

Xiaomi has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in electronic products. Current the brad has managed to maintain 4th rank globally in the smartphone industry. The brand has not only earned a reputation in the smartphone market, but also it has put a great impact in medical science, and home entertainment products. You can see the blood pressure measurer, sweeping robot, and many audio devices. The great thing of Xiaomi is it provides all things at a very affordable price. Not only the price but the quality of the products are awesome and long lasting. Xiaomi has also established strong customer support. So the brand attracts more and more customers every day.

Mechanical KeyboardIn this article, I have described one of the essential product in the current era. Yeas I am mentioning a keyboard. As per the records by the brand, the expectation on this product is also very high. So here I have written the review on the latest Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard 104 Cherry version. Have a look at the whole article to know the keyboard in-depth.

Unboxing of Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard

Before doing the review let me show you the box contents of the package. It is one of the essential parts while doing a review. Because many users before commented me to do the unboxing and show all the contents inside the box.

Mechanical KeyboardXiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best keyboards in the industry I have ever seen. Inside the box, you can find the keyboard and a user manual. You can say it is one of the simplest keyboard and very user-friendly.

Design of Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard

The material of the keyboard is very hard. You can make rough and tough use with this keyboard. This new mechanical keyboard is also a little bit heavy. While delivering the keyboard, I was away. So I had to travel almost 2 hours with this keyboard. While I reached my office, I had a sore in my hand. So you can guess it is a little bit heavier than other brand’s keyboards in the market.

The size of the keyboard is ideal for office use. The manufacturer has designed it to keep it in a fixed space. So the office is the perfect place for this one.

Mechanical KeyboardFrom the design prospective view if you look at the keyboard then you can mark the height is little high. From the bottom of the mechanical keyboard to the top the height of the keys are gradually increasing.

Mechanical KeyboardIf the height of the keys is gradually increasing, then the highest point keys should be an F1-F12 keypad. But strangely the design of the keyboard is not like that. The manufacturer has designed the numeric keypads as the highest point. Here, the height of F1-F12 Keypad is set same with the height of left Ctrl and Alt keypad. The height differences between the keypads are slightly less on my current keyboard. In my point of view, the design of my current keyboard is comfortable than this Xiaomi mechanical keyboard. The design of the keyboard will whether suit you or not fully depends on your habit. You should experience or go through the reviews before buying it.

Mechanical KeyboardThe manufacturer has made this mechanical keyboard with PBT material. The maker of my current keyboard has made it with ABS material. The PBT material is more conscience than the ABS material. On my current keyboard, the keys were pure white in color. But after using it for two months, the keys have become yellowish in color as per the picture.

Mechanical KeyboardNow let me say you about the Xiaomi mechanical keyboard. The wire of the keyboard is very soft. It is very easy to fold the wire, but simultaneously it is difficult to recover to its actual state.

Mechanical KeyboardFrankly, I didn’t like the construction part inside the keyboard. Especially the inner edge part of the keys are not that good. I even don’t know the black marks are due to bubbles generated inside it or not. If anyone has the idea on it, please mention it in the comment section.

User Experience of Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical KeyboardNow let me describe you my experience with this new Xiaomi mechanical keyboard. The Cherry version keyboard has a very soft touch feature. The keystroke of the keyboard is also very short. When I use it at my office, I just feel using a touchpad of a smartphone. The key tapping is very smooth. I just feel the letters get written automatically with a very small touch.

Mechanical KeyboardThe new Xiaomi mechanical keyboard is specially designed for Mac OS. As per the ads, you can integrate this keyboard with Macbook and enjoy the shortcut keys as per the OS. When you tap FN+F1-F8 keys, it will give you a shortcut to launch volume, window, iTune and other special features. Here Win keys act as the option keys. You can use Alt key as the command key. You can use Back space key to delete anything. There is one catch. You can use the left Alt key as the command key, but the right Alt key cannot be used for it. This feature is irritating me a lot. On this new Xiaomi Mechanical keyboard, you can use your both hands for the smooth operation.

On Microsoft Windows OS, you can enjoy the keyboard as usual. The experience with this keyboard on the Window OS is enjoyable. You can enjoy each and every shortcut keys action with this new Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard


  • As every Xiaomi devices, this new mechanical keyboard is very cost effective.
  • The packaging and overall build quality of the keyboard is remarkable.
  • The keystroke of the keyboard is very short and smooth.
  • This keyboard is also durable and long lasting.


  • You cannot make any shortcut key with the right Alt key in Mac OS. The right Alt key doesn’t support the Mac OS.
  • The interior of the keyboards cap is not that good. With time you can have black fungus in it.
  • The wire of the keyboard is very soft. So when you bent it, it will be very difficult for you to restore it to its original state.
  • If any of your keyboard caps gets damaged, you cannot buy it separately from the market.


The new Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard is slighgly bigger in size. The gamers may not like this keyboard. And the person who has small palm also may not like this keyboard. It is because they have to stretch their fingers a lot, which may lead to pain. But it is ideal for official use. You can place the keyboard fix at a place.

Mechanical KeyboardMoreover, the keyboard is also very decent on color. You can use this keyboard in both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows OS. Yeah only the right Alt key doesn’t support Mac OS. But if you look at its price then this deficiency can be manageable. On a budget price, you can have a rough and tough keyboard.

I think this review must have helped you to know the new Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard very well. If your habits and requirements meet with this keyboard, you can go for it.


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