LYMOC T2 Review | Intelligent Waterproof Comfortable Smart Bracelet

LYMOC is a well-known brand for tech products and this time they came with an amazing smartwatch named LYMOC T2. LYMOC T2 smart watch is updated and designed with the latest technologies available in the market right now. It has been discussed mainly for its exciting features and cool appearance. Some of its exciting and unique features will amuse you certainly. In this article im gonna show you everything about LYMOC T2. So, follow me for a complete LYMOC T2 review.

LYMOC T2 Review

LYMOC has tried to design LYMOC T2 smartwatch with every possible features for a smartwatch. There are many amazing features and its design and appearance seemed incredible to me. Now let’s see its amazing features and appearance in details.

Design and Appearance

First of all, LYMOC T2 seemed special to me for its unique and attractive design. Its cool appearance is just amazing. Its well making and smooth design made it to feel it you more comfortable in your wrists.

Its bright and smooth display made its appearance more attractive. The most interesting thing here is its straps. Its straps are somehow different from most other available smartwatches. The ultra-thin straps are very light and that’s why LYMOC T2 is called a smart bracelet. The straps will feel comfortable when you wear it.

Let’s talk about its weight. It’s a light-weighted smartwatch and its weight is only 0.06 kg and it will be no problem if you want to wear this smart bracelet for a long time at a stretch.

LYMOC wanted to emphasize on user friendly design with a cool and bright appearance and it has been successfully done. There is nothing negative to tell about its design and appearance and I want to give a full mark on this part. Its light body and an attractive user interface are enough to make it considerable for you.

The Hardware

LYMOC T2 is made of ABS and Silicone materials. Its rectangle shaped dials are made of silicone. ABS and silicone materials made it more durable and physically strong.

LYMOC T2 has come with 1.3 inch OLED high resolution colored display. It’s a touchscreen display. The display has been designed smoothly and it has been nicely placed with the bracelet.

Its has powerful battery and its battery capacity is 180 mAh. The powerful battery can support you with 5 to 7 days standby mode. You will be notified if your battery charge gets low and if the battery will be fully charged as well.

This is all about its hardware. I found nothing negative to mention here. LYMOC T2 is just incredible with its high resolution display and powerful battery.

Perfect health assistant

There are lots of functions in LYMOC T2  related to your health track and you will see your different health parameters with it. Let’s see them one by one.

It has heart monitor. You can see your heart rate anywhere anytime. It will also keep track of your blood pressure, blood oxygen etc for you. This is helpful if you are a health conscious person and want to keep your heart status in sight always.

Here comes the Sedentary and Drinking Reminder. It’s an interesting feature and you will find it’s not somehow common in every similar products. If you are inactive for a long period like you are sitting or in rest for a long while, it will remind you with a vibration or ring. It will tell you it’s time for exercising or drinking if you are you in rest for a longer period than the present duration.

Now comes the calories consumption feature. It will monitor your health during your exercise period and will tell you how much calories you have consumed during your exercise or walking. It is helpful to observe your exercise condition and your overall health situation.

If you are fond of sleeping or you want to know your sleeping quality, then the sleep monitor function is the perfect one for you. It will monitor your sleeping condition and let you know about your sleeping status.

It will keep track of almost all your health parameters. You can observe your walking steps, distance, time at anywhere anytime. It will monitor you always and give you real time feedback.

LYMOC T2 will work as a health assistant on your wrists and you will be notified instantly. If you are a sport person or a health conscious person, LYMOC T2 is the best option for you. All its health features and functions are designed to support you always in anywhere anytime. That’s the reason why it’s called sports smart bracelet.

Control your smartphone and full access to your smartphone

It’s a Bluetooth enabled smart watch and its Bluetooth version is 4.0. You can connect your smartphones with LYMOC T2 via Bluetooth and control your smart phone easily from your wrist. It’s compatible with Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 OS or above versions.

If your smartphone is connected with LYMOC T2, it will notify you at the time of any incoming call and you can take phone calls with it. This is helpful if you are in a busy situation or in a playing or exercise session. Moreover, you can manage your phone’s messaging system with LYMOC T2.

You can control your phone’s camera and music with LYMOC T2. You can enable notification of different social sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, WhatsApp and it will notify you each time if any update happens on your social accounts. Moreover you will get weather notifications in your display.

IP67 waterproofLYMOC T2 review

It’s IP rating is IP67 and it’s a waterproof smartwatch. If you want to keep LYMOC T2 always in your wrists, then you have not to worry anymore for different situations like sport time, rainy weather etc. It has been designed for heavy usage and you can wear it comfortably anywhere anytime.

Anti-lost function

LYMOC has tried to make LYMOC T2 a real assistant for their customers. See, here is its anti-lost feature. If your phone is connected with LYMOC T2, then it will notify you if your phone is not with you. It will give an alarm by beeping or vibration when your connected phone is more than 10m away from you. You can see many features nowadays to prevent your phone from losing but in a smart watch, it’s not a common thing for sure. This feature is excellent and it will help you certainly.

Multi lingual Support

You will get multi lingual support in LYMOC T2. You can access almost all common and frequently used languages like Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and so on. So if you want to give a try with LYMOC T2, you can consider it without thinking your global position and language matters as it will support you with lots of languages.

Other functions

You have already seen many exciting functions. Let’s discuss some more functions of LYMOC T2.

It has smart alarm system with three groups of alarming. It will remind your alarms with a vibrate and you won’t miss a single alarm. If you connect your phone with LYMOC T2, then it will notify you on your wrists if you set an alarm on your phone. It has smart stopwatch as well.

You can adjust your display brightness manually according to your present weather and light condition.

You can choose LYMOC T2 with different color combination of straps. Moreover, you will get one smart bracelet, an english user manual and a charging cable with the package.


You have already seen everything about LYMOC T2. There is nothing negative to tell about it. LYMOC has tried to give the best quality and they tried to add some unique and helpful features like health parameters, anti-lost feature, IP67 waterproof etc. Its physical durability with cool and bright appearance will make you consider about it. So, if you need a smart watch for heavy usage with comfort feeling, then it’s a perfect option for you.

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