Buy The New Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Blocker For Just $125.87(Coupon)

We all know the bad things about a dirty environment which includes infectious diseases and public health burden. When exhausted by the day’s work, we tend to relax with music rather than sweep the floor. By virtue of the new Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Blocker, there is no need to clean house by yourself. The sweeper can work autonomously and provide you with a tidy home. It can navigate through house and bypass barriers. Moreover, when the power of the battery is low, the device will automatically come back to the docking station and recharge. Why not take one home and try out? I believe you won’t regret it and your wife would love your the more for this your kind gesture.

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Touch Screen Docking Station- Gray


Design & Appearance

The Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in a very classy and sleek design. It sports a Tempered glass top cover, don’t be deceived by the term glass, this gadget is neither fragile nor brittle. The Tempered glass is strong enough to withstand any gravity of falling, as it’s common to drop such household utility items frequently. It sports a refined finish, large LED display and touch Screen Docking Station, and you can see we weren’t wrong when we said it comes in a very classy and sleek design. One advantage of this cleaner is that all parts of the device are easy to mount and disassemble, so cleaning this robot won’t be a trouble.

Touch Screen Docking Station- Gray

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Cleaning Modes & Operation

The Vacuum Cleaner is embedded with 3 optional cleaning modes which are meant to meet all your different cleaning requirements to achieve maximum efficiency. These modes include zigzag mode, edge mode, and spot cleaning, with this modes, it is certain that no single area in the home would escape proper cleaning. It also comes with Two main cleaning brushes ( one to loosen dirt and the other to pick it up ) and extracts dirt hard to clean, and after the extracting its amazing 1000pa powerful suction absorbs the rest ensuring that there is no single dirt on the floor. Together they can efficiently collect dirt, dust, debris, and hair from your floors. Plus,  It is equipped with a 700ml large capacity dustbin and 700ml water tank, which provides optional mopping and drying stages to remove even the most stubborn dirt and thus ensure a thorough clean for your home. This device can also be directed on the area to clean while you are not around. Please give me one reason why you should stress your self with mob and bucket after the long day at work?  With Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner you got yourself covered.

Touch Screen Docking Station- Gray

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The device is powered by a powerful 2000mAh battery, With this, the Alfawise robot can work for up to 100-120 Mins on a single charge overall. Moreover, Alfawise automatically returns to its home base to recharge itself when the battery is low, or its done cleaning. That’s not all, as you can also control, operate, schedule and monitor your robot vacuum with a remote which it comes with. You can also control the cleaner via the panel on the top. Before we forgot, it works quietly with noise level less than 60db, you’ll never feel bothered and When suffering full dustbin, glitches, wheel twining, or undercharging, the cleaner will make a sound to remind you.

Touch Screen Docking Station- Gray

Where To Buy The Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Blocker

The Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Blocker is currently on  Gearbest for $125.87 using the coupon code: GBSA2699a which is far below its previous generation cleaner and not to forget that this one also comes with some upgrade.

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