AWEI A760BL Headphones Review: The all new fancy Headphones


AWEI  A760BL is a set of headphones which is very fancy and works via Bluetooth. The name of the brand is Awei, and it is wireless and is compatible with a mobile phone, Computer, Television, etc. It comes with Active noise cancellation but does not support a memory card. It rather has a high resistance of 32 ohms and has a sensitivity of 93dB.



Shenzhen Yale Electronics co. Known popularly by its brand name, Awei is Chinese manufacturer of headphones and portable speakers. The company has more than ten years of experience and is strict about the quality standards. Awei already has been selling products in over 36 different countries all over the world and has obtained 120 particular patents to its name. They deal with the very best and nothing else. The company is committed to developing the standards of science and technology.



So, when I ordered the headphones for myself, they were delivered to me within three days, and the service of the company was very nice. The AWEI A760BL headphones come in three different colors, namely red, yellow, and black. The ones I ordered were red. They were not at all damaged and neither the color was off and dull. They were easily affordable, so I got them without getting a hole in my wallet.

The company takes total responsibility to replace the product if it is damaged, so I was pleased with the service. The headphones can be taken anywhere. They have a compact design and are easily portable, so that is plus point. They cancel noise very well. When I used them for the first time, it was like everything else in the whole world had gone silent and I could only listen to the song that was being played. I can take them anywhere, be it the gym, morning run, or anywhere. They also look very fancy.


The company guarantees that the AWEI A760BL headphones are fully waterproof. I got this when I carried the headphones to a swimming pool. Accidentally, I drop them inside the swimming pool and were in the deep water for almost 5 minutes. I took them out, and I thought that they were now ruined. But I switch them on after drying them out. And they work perfectly fine like nothing ever happened. The battery backup on this thing is perfect and works for at least 8 hours even if you use it continuously.

So, according to me, it is worth every penny you spend on it. The buttons don’t feel premium when you press them but they work perfectly fine, and that is what matters. The headphones are comfortable to put on, and they do not press your ears too hard.


For the people who hear everything, these can be a very nice choice. Because they have a nice balance between bass and treble and the beats and you can hear them perfectly defined. While the bass is not too much keeping in mind the security of your eardrum, while listening to some pop or rap music or some heavy death metal music, a decent amount of bass can be detected by the ears. But if you are someone who is looking for a very highly boosted bass, you might not find these particular headphones to your liking.

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Another good thing about these AWEI A760BL headphones is that they are not just headphones, but they come with call compatibility. Suppose you are on a treadmill and you are brisk walking. You are listening to Ed Sheeran on these headphones, and suddenly our phone starts ringing with a call. No, you won’t have to stop your treadmill to get your phone and attend the call this time, you press a button on the bottom, and your call gets automatically picked up. And then you can talk to the person uninterrupted for hours, without hearing any other outside noises or having to carry your phone on your ear. As I already mentioned that these are quite comfortable, we can even talk to the person for hours without a break, without it hurting our hands or our ears.




The applications they work for are also numerous. E.g., they work with most Android smartphones like Huawei, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, portable media player, Philips, Mp3 player. Most portable Bluetooth wireless devices like these have a main problem that they are hard to connect with Apple devices, but this Awei A760BL can even connect to an Apple device. It can be any apple device, be it an iphone4s, iphone5 series, iPhone 7, while I haven’t tried for newer models, but I am sure if the company says it can, it will. After all the experience with this, I feel the company is reliable.

The Bluetooth working distance is at least 10m. So if your phone or any other standard Bluetooth device is in any other part of the house. And the headphone is connected to your phone or the device. And you are in a different part of the house. The sound quality will not be compromised by mere distance. However, as the company says, the ideal distance for sound quality during a call is said to be less than one meter. So that is the weak point, if you are not in a radius of one meter, you will still be able to take the call, but the sound quality won’t be as good as it would be if you were located somewhere in the ideal radius.




Now, I know there are a lot of brands out there who are ready to contend the AWEI A760BL headphones on various platforms. But to me, these are the best headphones under $30. Because they cost you just $24.99 and give great sound quality and are great. The main contenders of headphones for this price category are mainly like:-

Sony, Lanau, Levin, JBL, Monster, FX Victoria, YH hao, Teetox, Picun, Bluedio, Viking, Mpow, Sound Stone, and Haowokk.




Now if I make categories, Haowokk and Sound Stone are good and cheap, but their sound quality is not as good as Awei because Awei promises crystal clear sound quality and provides it. Moreover, some models of Haowokk and Sound itone do not even support the calling feature, and if they do, it is not that good.

Mpow and Viking fall in the different category where these both brands promise amazing sound quality. But they have the biggest flaw that they lack the feature of a mic. And hence, they cannot be used for calling and talking but just listening to good quality songs. While Awei comes with a High-quality mic which you can use to make good quality calls for longer periods of time. And they do not compromise on sound quality either. So in a way you get additional features by paying the same amount of money you pay to buy the ones without a mic.


Another set of headphones which falls in the same category is Bluedio Turbine T2S, they look gorgeous and have a very sleek design which is not very durable. It has a nice feature that even when the battery is low a cable can be plugged in, and the headphones can work without interruption on low battery too, but yet again, it does not have a microphone, and they also have a flaw that they are not completely noise canceling, and there might be sound leaks. The padding on the headphones too, might not seem very comfortable for some users for prolonged use.

In the next category falls the Picun, Teetox and YH hao. All of these are perfectly noise canceling. But the main flaw they possess makes them inferior in comparison to our AWEI A760BL. AWEI A760BL is that they do not possess crystal clear premium the sound quality expected by high-end headphones.

YH hao is also not durable, and their mic works only in the wired mode and not the wireless mode. Awei is both durable and is perfectly noise canceling and they even have a crystal clear sound quality which you can consider as premium sound quality for high-end headphones.



Our next category is of the headphones which have considered perfect for working out. Levin makes it to this category. Levin is pretty good too when it comes to Bluetooth headphones as they cancel noise pretty well. And have good sound quality, and they even come with a hassle-free warranty of 12 months. But there are some cases in which the customers complain about Bluetooth feature malfunctioning after two months of use. And it is not considered good for large heads as it might fall off.

Jetblue is another set of headphones in this category, but they don’t have such a good sound quality and their noise canceling does not block out one hundred percent of the noise. Awei, on the other hand, promises both, good sound quality and great noise cancellation. And they are perfect for working out as they are very comfortable over the ears headphones and they never are in danger to fall off. The padding is great too; it feels like there are two pillows kept on the ears. And I am not exaggerating; I am just sharing my own experience.



Our last category is the category of headphones which are lightweight, and portable with sleek designs. Headphones like Sony, Monster and FX Victoria fall into this category.

Sony is a big name in the electronics world. It always keeps its customers happy and provides the best quality products; this is one of their cheap set of headphones. These are very light as compared to all other headphones in every category but nothing is perfect as they say. The voice breaks in microphone after prolonged use. It is prone to a lot of wear and tear, the padding is not as durable as Awei and is not meant for extended uses.

Monster headphones are very light and slim and sleek but for genres like Rock, Metal and R ‘n’ B the balance might not be really up to mark. And the bass may seem too high for some users. Awei, on the other hand, is of perfect weight, not very light and not heavy at all, and it has a perfect balance between bass and treble, so that’s not even a question worth asking about the sound quality.

The other sets headphones except these are the very high-end ones like Beats by Dr. Dre and Boat, but they are out of budget for people who do not want to burn a hole in the pockets and their wallets as they do provide everything they promise. They cancel outside noise perfectly, they are comfortable, they are durable, and they do have a great balance of treble and bass, but the main point is that they are way too expensive for everyone to afford.



So my conclusion is that I would strongly recommend these headphones to anyone who is looking for good sound quality and comfort. They do not even cost much. Someone who is looking for durability, as well as lightweight, should buy these as using them for me, so far has been a delight. These headphones are made for all kinds of music and if you are someone who is going to the gym quite a lot, or running in the morning or even want cheap wireless headphones? Then this is just the product for you. They are user-friendly, and above that, they are pocket-friendly. So go out there on the huge network of the internet and grab yours at this particular instant.




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