Turn your smartphone into a karaoke microphone with the new Xiaomi Mini K

Looking at the different products that this company has launched, it seemed very strange to us that it had not made its appearance this kind of product. We are talking about another gadget presented in the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi, and that is especially suitable for all karaoke lovers. Although it may not seem, at first sight, the new Xiaomi Mini K is, in fact, a small microphone with an integrated speaker that tries to recreate the experience of a real microphone, which can be used with iOS and Android devices using a special application.

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Xiaomi Mini K – A great product for karaoke lovers

Of course, as with most products launched through crowdfunding, Xiaomi is not the company that manufactured this device, but a third-party company such as Hangzhou Taoma Technology Co., Ltd., which also provide after-sales support. The Xiaomi Mini K is definitely a suitable product for young people, and it has a design with soft lines that are mixed with a thickness of only 2cm and a weight of 60 grams, despite being powered by a large battery of 400mAh.

Xiaomi Mini K Use

Features provided by this new Xiaomi microphone

The surprising thing is that this small karaoke instrument is compatible with all the musical platforms and, thanks to the three levels of sound intensity with which it comes, it is able to offer users a satisfactory enjoyment of the multimedia experience. In fact, the stereoscopic effect offered by this small speaker allows the use of the Xiaomi Mini K even in open and noisy environments.

Xiaomi Mini K

With regard to the colors in which it will be available, two colors are proposed: white and blue. On the other hand, the sale price is decidedly popular: 99 yuan, which would be around $14 at the current exchange rate, a price that will definitely increase as it appears in the different online stores.

Xiaomi Mini K Design

Although the Xiaomi Mini K is currently not available for sale in stores internationally, we invite you to join us in this wait, so that you are the first person to acquire it.

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