Xiaomi Mini thermos Mijia VIOMI Review

Xiaomi is investing a lot on its R&D to bring great products for home innovation. They are transforming our everyday life with the latest gadget and improve our daily life. This time it has come up with Xiaomi Mini thermos. White, stylish, compact. I will compare it with the similar thermo cream surveyed.
Mini thermos is excellent for storing cool or hot liquid within them. Coming from Xioami, the thermos is really cool. They are made up with premium material, and that is visible from the look only.

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Main features:

  •  Capacity: 320 ml
  •  Stainless steel tank
  •  Size: 20.7 cm x 5.8 cm
  •  Body does not fade, does not scratch easily
  •  Perfect size, fits easily into your bag during camping
  •  No leaks, do not worry about wet bag
    The Xiaomi Mini thermos comes in a compact white box. There is a small brochure. All in Chinese.

Xiaomi Mini thermos

Xiaomi Mini thermos

The Xiaomi Mini thermos comes in a small capacity is due to the fact that it is not a camp thermos. Thermos is made keeping city dwellers in mind. It’s a city mug that keeps the warmth of the drink. The thermos can be easily open with one hand. Mechanical protection against accidental pressing and opening is present.

The  Mechanical protection ensures that user can place thermos in any position they want and don’t have to worry about any leakage or spilling.

Xiaomi Mini thermos Xiaomi Mini thermos

The thermos comes with a spring mechanism to cover or open it. When you press the buttons, the cover itself opens the thermos flask. This proves to be quite convenient while driving or when you are using it with a single hand.

The mug really does not leak, it tightens the cap of the thermos tightly and keeps inside stuff free from leakage or spilling..

Xiaomi Mini thermos Xiaomi Mini thermos
Inside of the thermos is covered with- SUS 316, Japanese stainless steel..

Xiaomi Mini thermos
The outer layer of the thermos is cover with strong paintwork that keeps it safe from scratches and stripping whether. Only time will tell the way how long paintwork is going to stay with the bottles.

Xiaomi Mini thermos

Previously overlooked mini thermos test of time could not stand, and the paint began peeling off.
Xiaomi Mini thermos
Both the white color and black color thermos looks quite similar, height is almost the same, but the thermos from Xiaomi narrower diameter – 5.8 cm against 6.5 in black.

Xiaomi Mini thermos


We test both at once in comparison. Fill only boiled water, at the start of the test – 95 ° Celsius.

Xiaomi Mini thermos

Thermoses kept in the refrigerator, where the temperature is + 5 °.

Xiaomi Mini thermos

After the first hour, Xiaomi lost almost 5 degrees, black – more. On the second hour, and the third result:

Xiaomi Mini thermos

After 5 hours, the temperature difference was 10 degrees.

Xiaomi Mini thermos

In the table, for clarity:
Xiaomi Mini thermos


Overall the Xiaomi Mini thermos is quite fit and great for both outdoor and indoor use. The results are entirely satisfactory for the Xiaomi thermos; not all thermos provide the same kind of heat storing capability. Both the thermos comes in the same size, absolutely the same capacity, and decently come forward to preserve heat. It maintains a comfortable temperature for brewing tea for 5-6 hours. Well, or you can pour good coffee at home in the morning, and drink it hot at lunch. I advise before the main drink to rinse with a boiling water flask, for the greater preservation of heat. Well, we also measured the temperature after 12 hours – all the same gap of 10 degrees.

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