Xiaomi and the Chinese government allied to develop technology!

Everyone has been witnessed that the popularity and success of the Xiaomi were not conceived out of thin air. It is totally the opposite, for all it is more than clear that this company, cataloged as “the Chinese giant”, has earned its title. Today, it shows us once again that its vision goes beyond, that what a few (or nobody) didn’t consider like important, is a big business that could involve the deployment of something even greater. As the title expresses it, the Chinese government and Xiaomi have allied to develop technologies that benefit government entities and others companies. The details of the event will be revealed below.

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Xiaomi and its business with the Chinese government

The business consists mainly of a platform for companies and for the government. What is the benefit to them? Very simple, in the case of smartphones, these can be customized with the logo of the company that hires the services, so that is a direct advertising channel for both, Xiaomi and the other company. However, Mi devices will not be 100% corporate, they would have a personal as well as a business focus. A success where you look!

Xiaomi and chinese government alliance

Separate work from personal life automatically

The most important thing is to know what we would find on the devices affiliated with a specific company and how the change of “customization layer” would work. Of course, it is more than obvious that during working hours, and while it is connected to a Wi-Fi network of the company, the smartphone will have applications about it. However, the magic will occur when the employee finishes the work and goes home. When the smartphone disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network, it will completely change its appearance automatically to the personal layer. Once the user returns to the workplace, the phone will do the same process.

Xiaomi and chinese government alliance

Domotic technology available to the Chinese government and other companies

Some time ago we shared the news that Xiaomi had a fairly extensive IOT system, one of the largest in the world. Thanks to this feat, the next business offer is one of the greatest advantages. The big bet is Xiaomi’s participation in the construction of buildings, contributing with smart technology and home automation. This idea can be used in hotels, office buildings, companies or residential apartments. It would also be possible to centralize and automate the environment with the equipment used; to which can attach a constant monitoring of the operating status of each system. All this would result in energy and maintenance savings.

Xiaomi and chinese government alliance

In resume, Xiaomi has set foot on a land where it can exploit technology widely and take a new direction. Everything together is quite profitable if they think about creating a system that can sell to both, the government and the most important companies in China. Who knows? Maybe it is possible that an idea like this can be established in many other countries. If everything goes well, we will have news about it in a couple of months.

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