Phorus PS10 review: The best speaker for Alexa

Recently Amazon Alexa is getting a lot of popularity due to its ease of use and different things we can do with Alexa. However, do you know there are a lot of other speaker options available on the market better than Amazon Alexa speakers? Amazon has their own set of speakers, but nowadays different manufacturers have started using the Alexa services to market their own set of speakers. Here we are not going to tell you about any standard speaker its one of the best Alexa speaker available in the market the Phorus PS10. Maybe some of you have not have heard about Phorus as a brand, but we have already reviewed some of the best Phorus speakers. It has always delivered some intense bass sound and has been the speaker with all the functionalities which we look in speakers.

Phorus PS10


The Phorus PS10 comes with the following features and Configuration:

Connectivity   Dual Band 802.11n Wi-Fi Push button setup (WPS) AUX-in terminal (for broadcasting external audio sources)(WPS) Line Out terminal (WPS)
System Requirements   Phorus Android App or Phorus iOS App 802.11g/n Wi-Fi router required for multi-room streaming 802.11b Wi-Fi router can stream to one Play-Fi device Amazon account for the Amazon Alexa Voice Service
Dimensions 7.9? tall x 6.6? wide x 4.2? deep 3.5 lbs
  • Advanced dual-core digital signal processor
  • Two neodymium 65mm transducers
  • Two 4? bass radiators
  • 30W Dual Class D digital amplifiers
  • DTS Sound audio processing
  • Far-Field voice recognition




The Phorus PS 10 arrives in beautiful packaging with all the precautions that ensure safe delivery. In the box, you will get PS10 speakers with all other accessories. The box also holds the power cable for charging up the speakers. One of the best things we find inside the box is three plug adapters for North America, UK, EU, China & Taiwan. It ensures no matter where you are located you can still charge up the speakers without buying any extra power adapter from the store. The box also contains warranty and Quick start guide documents for future use.


The Phorus PS10 comes with an Aesthetic design which is likely to be liked by everyone. It has a simple design, and we can easily say Phorus PS 10 is undoubtedly the most beautiful looking Alexa speaker out there in the market. There are some elements which entirely place Phorus PS10 at a different league of Amazon Alexa speakers. The build-up quality of the PS10 is top-notch. The material used in the manufacturing of the device is all premium, and you will get to know about it just by holding the device in your hands. The look and feel you get with the speaker is really great.

Phorus PS10

One of the thing that particularly grabs our eyes are the light rings attaches on the top of the speaker. Its fully automatic and indicates volume level. It gets auto activated while speaking to the Alexa. Well, it’s not something which is very unique but the way PS10 has implemented and installed their version it comes out as really great.



The controls of the speaker are quite a basic one which you can see with the other brand’s speaker as well. There is four preset option of buttons available on the top of the device. They can be used to store your favorite streaming radio stations. The other buttons you get with the speaker include the play/pause button, volume up/down button, and mute microphone button. The mute button allows the user to switch off the microphone of the device if you don’t want Alexa to hear what you talk and need some privacy. This is really good as we have seen much questioning about the privacy issues with Amazon Alexa.

Phorus PS10

The far-field mics are one of the best things that separate PS 10 from other speakers. Generally, for using Amazon Alexa, it is recommended to be near to the device so it can catch what you are asking. However, with the far-field mics at the top of PS 10 allows the user to give commands from a distance as well. The mics work great and can easily take commands from a distance as well. Apart from all the controls, you will also get a power button on the top of the device. Around the back of the device you have the  MicroUSB input, USB input, AUX in, AUX out, WPS button and reset button.

With all the functions included in the speaker and the way it looks, this is easily the best Amazon Alexa speaker we have used till date. The performance of the device is even better the original Amazon echo, not just only in design but with its performance as well.

Ease Of Use


Most of the smart wireless speaker available in the market are very easy to set up and use. Some have Bluetooth for the connectivity, and some connect over Wi-Fi. The Phorus PS10 uses Wi-Fi for connectivity. The overall setup of PS10 is quite easy. You just need to install Phorus App that is available for both Android and IoS. When you open up your Phorus App, it will ask you to connect PS10 with Wi-Fi. With the app, you actually connect PS 10 with your home Wi-Fi, so you need to enter your Wi-Fi password, and it will connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Its all very easy and once its all done Your speakers are ready to roll.

It is understood that for using Alexa, you have to connect it with your Amazon account. It can be done while using the app only. After all the connection you just need to add Alexa skills to your Amazon account and those skills are going to work in all Alexa speakers connected to that account.

The Phorus app is pretty simple to use and straightforward. It enables its users to choose what kind of music you like with your Phorus PS10 speakers. You can also create different music groups like adding Spotify groups, activate surround sound, pair DTS speakers, turn Alexa on or off with all the other settings provided with the speakers.

Phorus PS10 not only works wih Alexa but you can also add following music services as well.

  • SoundMachine
  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • Amazon Music
  • Apple Air Play
  • Deezer
  • iHeartRadio
  • Napster
  • Pandora
  • Qobuz
  • SiriusXM

Overall the speakers are pretty simple to use, and the App is really great made. The app is straightforward and simple. After the whole setup is complete, you will just need to check for updates here and there.

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Well, most of the Alexa user already know what Alexa is, and it works great. Amazon is doing an exceptional job in developing Alexa. Every day they are combining some skills in Alexa and continually updating it. Some of the features are useful, and some of them exist just for fun. Alexa is most helpful and fun for those who have Amazon account and smart devices like Phorus PS 10 that can be controlled by it. Alexa is best when you want to know about whether or just some other necessary information.


Phorus as always has done their best job shaping the sound of PS10. They have created the sound system very well and integrated PS 10 with the DTS Play-Fi technology. Without any enigma, we can say that Phorus PS10 is the best sounding Alexa speaker of its size. Everything has been taken care of, and everything is balanced with just extra bass for all music lovers.

Phorus PS10

The Phorus PS 10 gets powered from a built-in 30-watt Class D amplifier with DTS Sound processing, two 65mm neodymium full range transducers, and dual passive radiators. While playing music at the highest level, we haven’t got any distortion or breaking cracking of sound. The sound was pleasant, full and accurate. Overall we believe this is the best sounding Alexa speaker you can get in the market.


The Phorus PS10 price starts from $249 on the Phorus official site, But as of this review, you can quickly pick a Phorius P10 from Amazon at insane $100USD. We think Phosrus PS10 has a lot to offer at $249 but at $100 it’s a loot deal.


The Phorus PS10 is the best sounding Alexa speaker available in the market. The speaker is not only good for Alexa you can also use it as a wireless speaker o tune in to your favorite radio channel.

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