ZGPAX S99C Pro Review: The Smartwatch Phone for Next Generation



ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone

The Chinese manufacturers always come with the latest and the most interesting technology. The company ZGPAX always provide its customers with a specially featured gadget improved from the last product. This time, ZGPAX has come up with its new product ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone which is launched after the success of its first watch ZGPAX S99C. ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone is just the modified version of ZGPAX S99C which have provided the customers with more advanced features in every aspect from display to the processor.

Features of ZXGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone:

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone


ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch phone is a remarkable gadget with the Android processor which takes connectivity to the next level. By supporting the nano sim technology, this smartphone watch allows you to use it just like a phone from where you can place the calls and use your social media apps.

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone


  • Play Store:

The technology provides you with the Play-store to download different applications that are required for you. The ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone comes with the pre-installed applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Google Maps also other important applications.

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone

You will be able to send SMS, also make the calls, and you can browse the web as you will get pre-installed Chrome and Internet Explorer on your smartwatch phone, thanks for its functions like Wifi and 3G support provided by the company. These features will give you with advancement, and you will stay connected to your friends and family in a simple way than earlier rather than carrying the bulky phone along with you all the time.

  • Bluetooth:

The Bluetooth function in ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone helps you to answer the calls, you need to do is, attach the Bluetooth with you smartwatch phone, and you are ready to make a call. This Bluetooth function also provides you with the facility of connecting with the Android or IOS devices. It means that you can use your smartwatch phone without inserting the sim in your smartwatch phone.

  • Display:

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone


The new ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone comes with the 1.39 inch AMOLED display. Advanced level of ZGPAX S99C which doesn’t come with an AMOLED display. The 1.39 inch AMOLED display provides you with the 400X400 resolution with the combination of AMOLED display.

It will provide you with excellent color contrast and explicit content than earlier objects. On this stunning 1.39 inch display you can quickly send the text messages and efficiently use your other applications. Browsing the web has become more comfortable with this display.

  • Smart features(Navigation):

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone


ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone has many more advanced features than other smartwatches available in the market. Like; the built-in microphone which allows you to make and receive calls rather than the Bluetooth. The added speakers help you to entertain and change your mood listening to the music.

The 2 MP camera provides you, and its large memory of 16Gb gives you a lot of data in your hands. Also, you are now allowed to store a lot of songs and videos that you like on your smartwatch phone. These you can view when you like,  just a click away on your hand, and you are on the go.

  • Battery:

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone


The lithium battery(450 mAh) of ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone provides you 72 hours back up so that you can use it for a long time. The inbuilt features also help you to maintain your health and fitness with the applications like a pedometer, health rate monitor, and sedentary reminder. These features help you to stay fit and reach your future goal in no time.

ZGPAX S99C Pro Smartwatch Phone provides you with a power button to start and off the watch. The themes for this smartwatch phone are pre-installed, and you are not allowed to install more themes in it.

  • Processor :

The watch comes with the Quad-core processor and 2Gb Ram which meets all the necessary demands for a smartphone. The new ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone is the product brought up by MediaTek and 6580,  16Gb of ROM and running Android 5.1.

This Android 5.1 is the latest android program that comes only in the few of the top watches that are available in the market. This feature helps you to operate you smartwatch phone smoothly without any problem of hanging up. Unlike the smartwatches with the lower quality of the processor does.

  • Stylish Look:

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone


ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone is an elegant watch which every person likes to have on his / her hand. The watch comes with a unique and beautiful design which makes it look like a regular watch. It is a lightweight watch and is portable. The soft, smooth surface and the band provides you the feel of a branded watch on your hand. The soft surface gives you a delicate look and feels which makes it extremely comfortable.

The new technology watch is water resistance like the new smartphones available in the market. This feature allows you to work in any condition with your watch on. This would also not let you feel like a burden of a large smartphone.

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone

The AMOLED display, we have talked about, also gives you the additional feature of different views. Means you can view you smartwatch from any angle like the new generation televisions. This smartwatch phone reacts quickly to your command, as the inclusion of smart display and high sensitive touch.


The newest function established by the manufactures is you get the notification on the screen about every application. You can also use your screensaver as the weather report which is always available with your smartwatch phone on your hand.

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone

ZGPAX S99C Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone is available in two different colors Black and Silver. You can order this smartwatch phone at Gearbest for $123.6 which is quite less than a smartphone. I want to recommend this watch because it provides you with all the quality features that a smartwatch phone requires (A small box with big gadgets).

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