Xiaomi Hey Plus Smartband Unboxing

On August 7, Xiaomi crowdfunding put on a ‘black plus bracelet’ with an AMOLED color screen, NFC support, Mijia app support, and at a crowdfunding price of 229 yuan ($33). After the crowdfunding went on the line, the Hey Plus smartband sold only 10,000 units in 8 hours. This was a very good sales performance if taking into account it’s been designed by Shenzhen Ruyi Discovery Technology Co., Ltd. And not by Xiaomi itself. However, it suddenly fell off within 2 days, and many netizens felt that they missed their chance to get their hands on this amazing fitness tracker.

Xiaomi Hey Plus

The official WeChat public account gave the reason that the crowdfunding goal was reached, and in order to ensure that the users who had purchased it received the goods in time. The crowdfunding was closed. But you can buy it for $59.99 right now.

The Hey Plus band uses a 0.95-inch touchscreen (the Xiaomi Mi Band 3’s screen is 0.78 inches), with a resolution of 240×120, a 24-bit true color, and a color range of up to 100%. It supports custom dial, caller ID, can directly display WeChat, QQ, Alipay, Weibo, Taobao messages.

Xiaomi Hey Plus

As we said, apart from a large color screen, the Xiaomi Hey Plus carries a built-in multi-function NFC that you can use to simulate your work card, access control card, lift the wrist to ‘pass’, etc. In many places, NFC is used not only for making payments but also for various purposes. Say in China, it can be used as a bus card, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Intercommunication Card, covering 148 cities including Beiguangshen. It can be used to lock doors. This list is too long. But if you are in a country that isn’t using NFC widely, most likely, it won’t have an impact on your decision.

Xiaomi Hey Plus

The Hey Plus smartband comes with a built-in 120mAh battery that can be used for 18 days due to the ultra-low power technology and 80% power optimization. Apart from this, there are all those features we used to see on smartbands. This product also provides PPG heart rate sensor. With a high-precision three-axis sensor and anti-motion interference monitoring algorithm Skylark, it can achieve accurate motion data monitoring.

Xiaomi Hey Plus

The Xiaomi Hey Plus smartband comes with an IP68 waterproof rating. So you can leave it on your wrist when taking bath, swimming, etc. At last, it can be also connected to the Mijia APP that allows to control any Mijia smart home product or connect to Xiaomi Bluetooth gateway to view Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee devices in parallel. Let’s take a look at the official tour.

Xiaomi Hey Plus Xiaomi Hey Plus Xiaomi Hey Plus Xiaomi Hey Plus


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