Get The Xiaomi Yueli Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper For Only $46.68

Do you want to enjoy family time with your baby? Do you want to become a hairdresser to your baby? Xiaomi Yueli Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper helps you achieve all these desires. Its sharp but safe blade, various types of combs, and silent motor gives you a magic haircut experience without stress. Children have very delicate skin and hair thus it is really not safe to take them to a public hairdressing saloon. Even if you must take them there, they must have their own clipper to protect them from a virus as they easily contact these viruses. The conventional clipper is too hard for them and it makes them cry a lot when cutting their hair. Xiaomi has developed the  Xiaomi Yueli Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper which is designed for their delicate skin and hair. Please note that this is a new arrival on Gearbest and they usually sell out very quickly. Good news!!! There is now a coupon code that allows you to purchase this device for $46.68

This clipper is designed with an R shape rounded head which prevents you from hurting the skin of your baby. Its wear Nanosized ceramic blade is 10 times sharper than the steel blade and also many times safer. It comes with multiple types of combs ranking and can be used for trimming of 1 mm / 3.6 mm / 9.12 mm length of hair.

This clipper completely eliminates noise as it is equipped with a silent motor which produces noise as low as 55dB, offering a mute shaving experience. Interestingly, Xiaomi Yueli Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper is IPX7 certified which means that it can be completely washed after usage. For long lasting power, this product uses a rechargeable Ni-MH battery which delivers more than 45 minutes working time.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Yueli Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper

The Xiaomi Yueli Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper is currently on Gearbest for $46.68. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE.



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