Grab The New Xiaomi Mijia Mini Mosquitos Repellent For Just $12.68(Coupon)

Like we all know, during the summer, mosquitoes tend to flood the house as though they are the owner of the house. According to World Health Organization, more than half of the world is at great risk of malaria, if the mosquitoes in our houses are not dealt with. To deal with mosquitoes, we usually use physical methods such as the use of fly pat, but this method is power-consuming and also not efficient enough. There are also biological and chemical weapon methods, mosquito repellent, toilet water and mosquito coils, but these are still somewhat dangerous and irritating to the human body. The other thing is that the young Buddhists have no desire for anything and no spirit to let go of Dafa, pretending not to hear it, completely ignoring these annoying little creatures, letting them suck blood, and do not move like a mountain. Now we have new options for dealing with mosquitoes, without any side effect or irritation to the human body which is the Xiaomi Mijia Mini Mosquitos Repellent.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Mini Mosquitos Repellent comes with an ergonomic design, made from High-grade ABS and PP eco-friendly materials, which is safe and durable. It has a dimension of 11.00 x 11.00 x 6.00 cm  and weighs just 150 grams which means that the product can be placed in any part of the home without altering the home decor and its beautiful design ensures that it can be placed in the sitting room and most of your visitors will not know exactly know what it does.  It uses a 2 x AA battery which supports work for 30 – 45 days constantly, you will mostly need this device for about 10 hours each night.

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Main Features

  • High-grade ABS and PP eco-friendly materials, safe and durable
  • Compact size and independent working system allow it available to be placed anywhere
  • Non-heating design
  • 10-hour timing mode to avoid energy waste
  • Two AA battery ( included ) support to work for 30 – 45 days constantly
  • The mosquito repellent tablet ( included ) would be run out in 90 days
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable room size: less than 28m³

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Mini Mosquitos Repellent

The Xiaomi Mijia Mini Mosquitos Repellent is currently available On Gearbest for $12.68 using the Coupon Code: GB3%OFF7 and would be delivered to your destination for free.

Coupon Code: GB3%OFF7

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