10 Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Xiaomi Smartphone

No doubt, smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Most of us can barely stay for 12 hours without our smartphones. However, different persons have different needs in a smartphone, while some users are so enthusiastic about camera specs, others need a hardcore processor device. Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is one company that has all the range of smartphone you may need whether low-end, mid-range or flagship. If you want to own the perfect Xiaomi smartphone or need to change your existing device, you will need some really good suggestions. Today we come to you with 10 tips to buy your next Xiaomi Smartphone.  This tips may not be useful to you directly but your friends, sister, mother or grandpa may find it beneficial. Our considerations and suggestions cover everything you need to know before you buy a Xiaomi smartphone. Here we talked about the operating system, your budget, camera specs, screen size, and processor. Read this article with rapt attention and you won’t make a mistake when purchasing the perfect Xiaomi smartphone for you.

1. Make Your Purchases At The Right Time

It is very common for manufacturers to release smartphones with similar specs and price as one of its old models. If you really need to buy the perfect Xiaomi smartphone, then ensure that you are aware of the devices that are to come. The reason is simple, if a device has similar price and specs as an old model, the price of the old model will MOST LIKELY drop shortly before or immediately after the new model is launched. Thus if you really like the old model, a brief wait will save some bucks in your pocket. For instance, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 has been on the market for about five months but the price recently slumped when a few weeks ago because of the arrival of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. If you need to buy a Xiaomi flagship right now, wait till after the launch of Xiaomi Mi 8 which is about a week away. However, this is a good time to purchase either the Xiaomi Mi 6 or Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 but not the MIX 2S. Also, there is a possibility that the design and performance of the new model may be overwhelming and you will certainly have regrets for buying the old model. So, waiting is better than regret.

10 Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Xiaomi Smartphone Xiaomi Mi MIX 2


2. Old Hardware Is Not Always “Rubbish”

Well, many of us have this idea that once a phone is a year old, its hardware is obsolete. However, this is not always true. Phones get worn down by usage and even a very new model can get rusted with continuous usage. The Snapdragon 821 which is found in Xaomi Mi Note 2 is not the newest processor but the smartphone still delivers depending on what you need. A new Xiaomi Mi 5 or Mi 5s or Mi 5s Plus will still feel like a new phone even if it isn’t the latest model.
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus


3. Processors Matter Less Now

The idea that only flagship processors deliver blistering performance is absolutely wrong. Mid-range processors like the Snapdragon 660 (Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and Xiaomi Mi Note 3) offers good-enough performance for most users. However, if you are a heavy gamer and needs power for games and augmented reality, you need a Mi phone with a Snapdragon 835 processor and Adreno 540 GPU.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3


4. Get A Fitting Screen Size

You don’t want to buy a smartphone that will extra bogus for your hand or mini purse. If you love to operate your smartphone with one hand, then you obviously need a small device of not more than 5.5-inches. Mi phones such as Xiaomi Redmi 5A or Mi 6 would suffice. However, if you need to get a complete user experience from videos and games or you need to take advantage of the multiwindow mode in Android, then you need the larger screens like the 5.99-inch Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 which would still fit in one hand due to it’s larger 18:9 aspect ratios.
Xiaomi Mi 6 (c)
Xiaomi Mi 6


5. Camera Megapixel Matters Less

Most smartphone users who love a great camera are often misled by the camera megapixel. Actually, the megapixel value should not be a priority, pay attention to other specifications like aperture (lower numbers are better) and special features such as dual lenses and optical image stabilization (OIS). Xiaomi Mi 6 stands as one of the best Mi smartphones in terms of camera quality. It comes with Dual 12 MP (f/1.8, 27nm, 1/2.9″, 1.25 µm, 4 – axis OIS) + 12 MP (f/2.6, 52mm, 1 µm), 2x optical zoom, phase detection autofocus, dual-LED dual-tone flash and 8 MP Secondary Camera. However, its price may be discouraging but there are other viable options like Xiaomi Redmi 4 and Redmi 4X which does a perfect job with cameras. 

6. Stock Android Vs MIUI

Until recently, Xiaomi fans had no other option but to use MIUI OS because all Xiaomi smartphones were equipped with this system. However, that has changed now with the arrival of Xiaomi Mi A1 which uses Stock Android and will give you swift Stock Andriod Update. If you like massive customization and love to use many new amazing features like Dual App, Second Screen, Apps Vault, Quick Dial, Games Booster then you can choose MIUI.

Xiaomi Mi A1

7. Don’t Pay More Than You Need

Xiaomi flagships like the Mi MIX 2, Mi 6 and other premium devices in the Mi series sell from as low as $300 to above $500. However, if you need the perfect Xiaomi smartphone for your budget, be aware that there are some quality and cheap unlocked options which you can get for less than $200 such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 or Xiaomi Redmi 4X.


8. Settle For An Amazing Battery Life (Preferably With Fast Charge)

Regularly charging your phone can be a menace and it is even more frustrating when you have to wait for hours for a full charge. To this end, you might want to look out for a Xiaomi phone with a good battery performance. The likes of Xiaomi Redmi 4X with Snapdragon 625 might be a good choice. With this smartphone, you can go 10 hours without obstruction. However, if you need a larger screen, Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with a non-removable 5300 mAh Li-on battery or 5.7-inch Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with a 4020 mAh battery (with fast charge) can easily give you over 12 hours of usage. Interestingly, the cheaper Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus does an amazing job with battery.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2


9. Storage Option Should Not Be Less Than 32GB

In all honesty, smartphones with less than 32GB memory are a rip-off. If you want to be comfortable with games, movies, and all sorts of multimedia, then go for a 32GB or more memory option. Presently, flagships smartphones come with no less than 64GB internal storage.  A microSD card slot is nice to have for expanding storage, but it’s only available on Redmi 5A, Redmi Note 5A, and Redmi Y1 now.

10. Watch Out For Exchange Offers

Some online stores offer an exchange of your old smartphone with a new one at a discounted price, if you have a smartphone that is old enough that you don’t want to use, you can trade in with a new smartphone and get the most discount on the MRP of the phone. 

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