Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine: Exercise you easily with smart support

The passion for exercise is a lifestyle. However, routine exercise is always recommended to lead an active and healthy life. Xiaomi has thought about the most enthusiastic people in this aspect and those who think twice to do sports. In this way, the company gets to awaken interest slightly in those last without the need to be passionate about exercise. All this is achieved thanks to the new exercise machine that came out under the crowdfunding platform: the Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine. As the name implies, it is a rowing machine with intelligent functions thanks to the mobile support. This product is currently available in China at a price of $377.

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine: Principal features

It is made of pine wood and is 100% mechanical but it includes an intelligent system. This means that an application collects the exercise data and dynamically displays it to the user on a mobile device. If used correctly, this device serves to exercise the body almost entirely, with a single movement and very easily. You will be able to exercise your entire front body, back, arms and legs together.

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine

If you live in a small space and you would not know where to store it, there is no problem, it has been designed to occupy the least amount of space. It cannot be compacted, but we can lift it vertically and support it against a wall or corner of our house. In addition, it weighs 25Kg and is 480mm high, 480mm wide and 1950mm long; it can support a weight up to 120Kg.

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine: Operation

At one extreme, the Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine has a circular anti-corrosion tank made of polycarbonate. Its interior is full of water but also have been integrated two pallets that will have the function of offering resistance against water when the elastic rope is used constantly. This one and the chair rails are strong enough to withstand the weight and strength of movement during exercise. The chair is manufactured using a 3D printer. This is seated on a rail with four wheels and eight axles. Thus, a smooth sliding movement is achieved, where resistance is only offered during exercise.

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine

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Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine: Data and mobile application

All data collected will be reflected in the application developed by Xiaomi. How do they get there you ask? There will be a series of sensors incorporated in the pallets. These are responsible for collecting data on the effort made during the exercise. The parameters obtained are quite extensive, managing to store a total of 16 types. The most important are the effort, dynamic strength, heart rate and speed of the paddles.

Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine

Once collected, the application will show them to us according to our desired configuration. Moreover, you can create a kind of competition (challenges, break records, etc) with other users who also have the machine.

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