Xiaomi launches the Mijia Gimbal stabilizer, and comes with 3 axes and an autonomy up to 16 hours

With regard to smartphones, Xiaomi has been responsible for improving in all aspects, with the performance of photographs being one of the most important, especially when it comes to mid-end and entry-level devices. One of the biggest problems when taking pictures is to find a good form of stabilization whether is optical or digital, so in these cases, having a mechanical stabilizer could be one of the best solutions, providing great comfort and great quality.

Just in this was what our great Chinese company though, because it made the decision to introduce its users around the world to the new Mijia Gimbal stabilizer, which was presented with an impressive stabilization of 3-axis, a lapse functionality of time, tracking of the subject and a really big battery. This much needed technological accessory provided by Xiaomi is available in the market for a price of 599 Yuan (which would be about $93), with a launch date established for June 16.

New Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal stabilizer

This is what the new Xiaomi stabilizer gives us

This new Xiaomi stabilizer has a weight of only 476 grams, which includes a battery with a capacity of 5,000mAh that offers a wide range of 16 hours of continuous use. With regard to the devices it accepts, it will be possible to place smartphones with dimensions that range between 56 and 86 mm and that have a maximum weight of 200 grams. On the other hand, in the lower part of the handle, you will find a special screw, which will allow this stabilizer to be placed on any type of tripod.

The stabilization provided by this Xiaomi product is guaranteed, because, in addition to the 3-axis it has, its professional algorithm is capable of providing the best quality, while the control precision of up to 0.03 ° allows the creation of professional photos and videos even in activities where the movement is definitely marked, such as sports.

New Xiaomi Mijia stabilizer

These are all the functions that this great device has

To find the best convenience, Xiaomi made the Mijia stabilizer thinking that it can be used in both vertical and horizontal modes, although it can also be placed upside down and can provide a lot of kinematic style movements. Having said that, one of the functions that most draw the attention about this product is called “Smart Track”; that is, it is based on a feature that can follow the subject framed automatically thanks to a head that can rotate up to 360 ° degrees.

Of course, there is an application that will allow the user to activate all functions, as well as to customize the ISO value, white balance and other parameters, including the following effects: motion delay, slow motion, and much more. We must clarify that these are just some of the features that this Xiaomi stabilizer has, and as soon as we have more details, we will not fail to provide the details.

New Xiaomi stabilizer

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