Xiaomi Deerma High Temperature Sterilization Steam Mop For Just $76.99(Coupon)

The Xiaomi Deerma High-Temperature Sterilization Steam Mop ensure purer physical cleansing with its High-Temperature steam Sterilization. This feature of the mop uses it to quickly penetrate the ground and the slits, which would make one deal easily with all kinds of dirt, sterilize and remove mites, and achieve deep cleaning effect. The pure physical cleaning method only needs clear water, no need to add detergent, avoid chemical residue, it’s safe and hygienic, giving the family a healthy field to play and have fun.

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The Xiaomi Deerma High-Temperature Sterilization Steam Mop comes is embedded with a 30sec instant heating, 140 degrees celsius large steam. This enables the mop to act carry out 4-in-1 sterilization + deodorization + decontamination + odour removal. The mop uses a patented steam generator, which allows the water to be converted into 140 Deg.C high-temperature steam gas in 30 secs allowing the dirt to be thermally expanded, automatically detached and easily decontaminated and deodorized.  The layers break the bacteria barriers and remove mites deeply.

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The mop is made in such a way that you can easily control the amount of steam. Using the sporty push-pull switch, just press the rod down to the main unit, push and pull, and the steam will be ejected. You can adjust the amount of steam as you like, you can also increase the amount of steam in some key positions and focus on cleaning. it features 3 layer structure for easy decontamination. The fitting layer, permeable layer, and absorption layer. You can check the picture below for more details on this.

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The mop comes with 0.22L water tank for cleaning rooms of 30 square meters and if the water is finished, you can also refill it and continue your cleaning.  The device would mop and dry, leaving no water stains.  Other features of the mop include Winding hook design, convenient to store the cable,  Transparent visible water tank to avoid overflow and it comes with carpet skateboard to reduce carpet friction, smooth cleaning, better to protect the carpet.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Deerma High-Temperature Sterilization Steam Mop

The Xiaomi Deerma High-Temperature Sterilization Steam Mop is currently available on Gearbest for $76.99 using the coupon code: QY2I5QNG71CE7 and depending on your choice of shipping/location, it would be delivered for free.

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