Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker Offered at $52.26 on GearBest

AI is everywhere. It is used not only in smartphones and robots but also in appliances. Now the products with AI have got smaller in size but powerful inside. Say, recently the Xiaomi Mi Al Mini Speaker was announced with AI voice command support. This simply means you can give commands concerning almost everything, this small-sized speaker will do them. It is priced at 169 yuan ($27). Therefore, this speaker is way cheaper than the most products on the market. This is the main reason why the pre-orders of this mini speaker exceeded 1 million and when it was available for purchase, it took only 10 minutes to sell out completely. However, there are still some retailers offering this amazing speaker. You can choose this opportunity and get your hands on it for only $52.26.

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Xiaomi Love AI Speaker

Almost all top brands follow the mainstream of launching AI smart speakers. But if most of them have started doing this just recently, Xiaomi has been in this market for a while. Thus, it gets the details right. So in comparison to the Baidu’s and Alibaba’s smart speakers, this product has been designed for music lovers first. Plus, you can use it to control Xiaomi Smart Home products remotely. The Xiaomi Mi Al Mini Speaker is not the first product of this manufacturer, but it’s the smallest one.

The Xiaomi Mi Al Mini Speaker comes with a slogan of ‘can hear, will speak’. Can’t say what the second part means, but we have heard Microsoft and Xiaomi are partnering to make AI-powered speakers. So maybe the upcoming models form this series will talk to us as well. Anyway, this product comes with a small size (90x90x50mm) and a weight of only 210 grams. Like other Xiaomi speakers, it comes with a minimalistic design. On the top, it carries four keys such as the volume up/down and play/pause. There is also a microphone to hear what commands we give.

Xiaomi Love AI Speaker

This smart speaker can provide information concerning weather, calendar, and serve us in other ways through voice commands. But there is also a huge base of music content reaching up to 35 million songs and HD audiobooks. You can play any song through simple voice commands. But you can also the APP (connected via Bluetooth and WiFi) to play music from your smartphone or tablet.

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