Xiaomi Products Get Great Discounts On Gearbest 4th Year Anniversary (Unbelievable Prices)

Still, on the Gearbest 4th years anniversary, lots of mouth washing deals and coupons have been coming in steady. Hours ago, we wrote an article on the recent down slides on the prices of some specific product ranging from smartphones to drones, earpieces and many others. Hours after that, Xiaomi products just got the lowest prices you can think of. All thanks to Gearbest trying to appreciate their old and new loyal followers for the 4years so far. Without wasting no further time, lets quickly take a look at the must noticeable slides on different Xiaomi products. One Xiaomi product I would like to drag our attention to is the  Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector which is now selling for just $1839 using the Coupon code: XMLPP

Best Prices On Xiaomi Products.

1) Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4G Phablet Global Version($179.99)

The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus utilizes the full-screen design with an impressive amount of reduced bezels around the screen. However, there is still a considerable and noticeable amount of bezels on all four sides but it looks cool. The large screen form factor makes the reduced bezels quite obvious, though and the new aspect ratio as well. The Redmi 5 Plus has a display size of 5.99 inches with FHD+ (2160 x 1080p) resolution. Both the Redmi 5 and 5 Plus models have a rear design similar to the Redmi 4X. There is a single camera as well as a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor under the camera at the rear. There is 32GB storage and 64GB storage respectively. You cant get this deal better. Do well to get one now.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

2) Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector($1839)

This one is so unbelievable. Wow. Using the Coupon Code: XMLPP you can now get the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector for just $1839. The  Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector is a heavy duty product, that comes with a T968 Cortex-A53 4-core processor, and it supports 1920 x 1080 display resolution. This combination will give you infinite pleasure with its large display anytime and anywhere. The device runs on the Android 6.0 which is more than sufficient for a  projector. Its high-precision, convenient, efficient and accurate electronic focus means that no detail is left out during usage. This is not just a simple screenless TV; this projector comes with a high-quality stereo which uses a custom inbuilt high-power, dual full-frequency, dual high-frequency, and high-fidelity 30W speaker system.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector uses an ALPD 3.0 laser light source tech developed by Appotronics. The DLP technology used in this projector works differently. The final image is created by microscopically small mirrors laid out in DMD chip. The number of mirrors corresponds to the resolution of the projected image. This projector’s maximum brightness can reach up to 5000 lumens, and it can also achieve a static contrast ratio of 3000:1 which ensures that its images are brighter, more vivid and sharp. With over 85% NTSC color overlay, the final image has a natural and fine detail that gives you a wonderful picture. The lens of Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector delivers 25,000 hours of a lifetime thus it will serve you up to 34 years if using 2 hours per day. When your projector needs a new lens, Xiaomi will come in with a new motherboard. Replacing both components, you will save a lot and have a new laser projector

Coupon Code: XMLPP

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2) Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K UHD WiFi FPV Quadcopter($479.00)

The Xiaomi Mi Drone comes with a “1.2mm ultra-thin lightweight body design”. This lightweight design helps to facilitate its high flight performance. It has a dimension of  14.96 x 17.91 x 6.69 inches with a 9.35g/W high aerodynamic efficiency, which can be considered as a record for such kind of drones. Unlike many other quadcopters, the Mi Drone looks more stylish, and despite its beauty and style, its performance is still top-notch.The Xiaomi Mi Drone sports a 4K UHD camera which comes with a 12MP Sony back-illuminated sensor, and is capable of recording videos at 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. This 4K version satisfies you even better with clearer image than the 1080P version. This product is based on new TDMA technology, which means it provides an anti-jamming performance significantly stronger than the traditional Wi-Fi scheme. This device is Compatible with an Additional Gimbal and a Built-in 6 Axis Gyro. The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K now supports transmission distance from the original 1km to 4km with a control distance of about 800m high and a detailed control distance of about 3000m. The Xiaomi Mi Drone uses two sets of independent heterogeneous IMU and Electric compass sensor which helps the drone in providing better flight and real-time monitoring by merging data from both sensors. The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K comes with a Built-in 5100mAh rechargeable battery which provides up to 27 minutes of continuous flight time.

3) Original Xiaomi Xiaofang Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera($18.99)

The Smart IP camera comes with the capability to shoot videos in Full HD (1980 x 1080pixel) resolution. It weighs in at just 100g, lighter than most smartphones around which makes it easy for it to get mounted on the ceiling with an adhesive tape or onto metal surfaces. The camera has an extendible base that can be propped up to increase its height or lowered to flush with the body and underneath is a powerful magnet which makes it easy for the camera to get mounted on a metal surface. The camera has a square shape like a cube measuring 5cm on all sides, thus you need not wonder why it is called Little Square camera. As for the specs, it has a 2.0MP lens 1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor that records in full HD with support for 8x digital zoom for clearer, more detailed images. The camera has a f/2.0 aperture and 110-degree wide angle view. In addition, it features night vision enhancement technology allowing it to pick up objects up to 9 meters away in the dark. The cool gadget also comes with built-in microphone and loudspeaker which support two directional voice chatting, meaning you can communicate with chaps at home while you are out. Just to list a few of its function.

Xiaomi Smart IP camera

4) Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earphone ($3.99)

The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earphone comes with a plastic body and a technology that would give you good sound listening pleasures. The Mi in-ear earphone is effective in noise cancellation and comes with a microphone. That makes it a good one for making and receiving calls in a noisy environment. It also has a decent sound output with rich background audio. It is also comfortable to use with its silicon ear plug which into the ears well. It can work perfectly well with a computer, mobile phone, cell phone, MP3 player and other music gadgets.

Xiaomi Mi Piston IV Hybrid Earphone

5) Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light (Enhanced Edition) ($1.99)

The Original Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light (Enhanced Edition) is a little gadget that has absolutely no cons whatsoever in my opinion. It’s all pros all the way. The LED component is a product of Philips Lumileds with a power/voltage rating of 2.5W(MAX)/5V and is rumoured to have 50,000 hours of useful lifespan. The design is pretty simple with the LED at one end and the power/brightness control button as well as USB connector at the other end and a long flexible/adjustable neck in the middle.

6) Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Fingerprint Recognition($848.44)

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a lightweight, economical and compact notebook that competes directly with Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It comes with a15.6-inch Full HD screen (protected with Gorilla Glass), Core i5 eighth-generation processor, between 8 GB of RAM and a solid storage of 256 GB. On the sides, there is an SD slot, two USB type C ports, an HDMI connector and two USB 3.0 type A ports. It also assembles a new thermal cooling system that seeks to isolate the heat generated by the new chips, which can reach up to 4 GHz and offer superior performance to previous models. It also helps to dissipate the heat of the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card that mounts inside. Like the next-generation MacBook Pro, this Xiaomi laptop incorporates a fingerprint reader that increases the security level of the device. In this case, it is integrated under the touchpad, which also increases in size.

We can go on and on, but if your preferred xiaomi product is not on this list, don’t fret yourself, just click the link below as more than enough Xiaomi products was discounted to meet customers incomes.


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