Xiaomi Launches Mijia Electric Cooker at 199 yuan ($31)

Mijia Electric Cooker comes with split body, adjustable firepower

Xiaomi launches Multi-Purpose Mijia Electric Cooker. Mijia Smart Ecosystem products are an amazing way to help easier your living habits and lifestyle.

Features Of Mijia Electric Cooker

Mijia Electric cooker comes with 304 stainless steel, split design, separate heating structure. This cooker can also retain firepower for future use, So you can make food in the evening and have breakfast in the early morning. This also comes manual and automatic switch function so it can maintain heat, and you can enjoy hot food.

Mijia Electric Cooker

Mijia Electric Cooker used 2.0mm thick aluminum for better heat transfer so you can get hot food, it is also non-stick and strong (not easily damaged by use).

Mijia Electric Cooker

Mijia Electric Cooker

For the first time we use Electric Cooker, We should add some water to the maximum level, So the water can boil properly and the pan should clean. After cleaning of pan you can use the cooker for making hot food.

After the use of electric cooker, the power plug should unplugged and the electric cooker body should cool when you do cleaning.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Cooker comes with lots of features and you will get this amazing Mijia product at 199 yuan ($31).

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