[Amazing Deal] Grab The MinSu MSTC09 Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner For Just $149.99[Coupon]

As the saying goes, Your health is your wealth, so playing with your health simply means you playing with your wealth. Thus, the need to keep a clean environment arises. You might be the busy type and not always available to do the cleaning, all you have to do is get the MinSu MSTC09 smart navigation robotic vacuum cleaner. This device is an intelligent route planning home cleaner, which helps to clean your house entirely, keeping you safe from dirt and germs. This device comes with 6 cleaning modes ( auto / S-shape / edge / around column/spot / strengthen suction ) which is intended to meet your different cleaning needs. It is bundled with 3 cleaning methods which include the sweeping, vacuum, and mopping cleaning methods. The MinSu MSTC09 Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for $159.59  but can be purchased for just $149.99 with the special Coupon Code: MINSTC. Click the link below to get this device.

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The MinSu MSTC09 smart navigation robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a circular design, made from a variety of plastic. On top of the robot, you would find three capacitive buttons and a small screen with on-demand info. One feature you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner is the size, most people feel it doesn’t mean anything, but actually, it does (a lot), the cleaner needs to be small and compact to reach those hard-to-get places, such as corners or under the couch.  The MinSu MSTC09 vacuum cleaner was designed with these goals in mind. It comes with a dimension of 31.00 x 30.50 x 5.50 cm which is small enough to touch all corners.

One function that makes this device special is its smart voice function which enables you to instruct  the device using words to perform a specific function. It comes with an error alarm that triggers if it is handled inappropriately. This device can self-recharge itself.  If the power is under 20%, the sweeper would go back to the charging base to be charged.   It also comes with an anti-drop function which enable it to detect if its at midair, so it can retreat without falling.

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We wont be wrong to say that this robot is a device for every home.

Main Features

  •  Max 1800pa strong suction power
    Cleans your house entirely
  •  3 cleaning methods: sweeping/vacuum/mopping cleaning methods
    Sweeping: the two side brushes rotate in the opposite direction, gathering dust and garbage on both sides of the machine to the middle brush for easy cleaning
    Vacuum: large suction mouth, sucking dust, granular waste into the garbage box
    Mopping: constant pressure water tank, super large mop, water seepage evenly, cleaning ground oil pollution and water stains
  •  Compatible with various floor types
    Can be used for short carpet, tile, wood floor and marble
  •  Anti-collision and anti-drop
    High sensitive anti-collision system protects your furniture

  • Intelligent route planning

Intelligent route planning for your house, convenient to use

  •  Large water tank and dust box
  •  Climbing ability
    Capable of climbing 25-degree slope, it cleans your house easily
  •  Low noise design
    Less than 10dB for sweeping, less than 55dB for mopping
  •  Large mopping area
    Equipped with 120 x 180mm large mopping pad, dry and wet dual use
  •  Slim body
    Slim body design ensures the unit goes easily under the sofa, bed, kickstand
  •  Voice function
    Smart voice function with error alarm to prevent inappropriate operation
  •  Flexible schedule
    24 hours scheduling, the cleaner can start working at the specific time
  •  2000mAh Li-ion battery
    High capacity battery ensures long operation time
  •  Remote operation: wireless remote control
    Lets children form the good habit of labor in the entertainment

Where To Buy The MinSu MSTC09 Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

The  MinSu MSTC09 Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is currently on sale at Gearbest for $149.99[Coupon]. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE. Click the link below to get this product.

Coupon Code: MINSTC

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