Microsoft and Xiaomi signed a strategic Partnership

Xiaomi and Microsoft expand partnership to bring productivity services to millions of devices and customers

Xiaomi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft to increase its strategic partnership and help to enhance its product services and enter the global market through extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and hardware products.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by both parties, Xiaomi and Microsoft will mainly focus on the following aspects :

  1. Cloud service support
  2. Laptops
  3. Microsoft Cortana and Xiaomi smart speaker
  4. Extensive Artificial Intelligence Cooperation

As xiaomi continue to enter the international market, xiaomi users have been all over the world. Both are are exploring together to further utilize Microsoft’s Smart Cloud Azure platform and services to provide xiaomi with user data storage, bandwidth, computing and more innovative services in a broader international market.

The Chinese company and the American company are discussing ways to deepen their cooperation in notebook devices further. Microsoft will push xiaomi products to enter more market regarding co-marketing, channel support, and xiaomi future notebook product development. Global Market.

The two sides are discussing more possibilities for integrating Microsoft Cortana and Xiaomi smart speakers into the international market. Xiaomi and Microsoft’s engineering, product and business promotion team, will conduct regular high-level exchanges to promote this cooperation further.

The two sides will further develop multilevel and extensive cooperation around the research and development and application of AI technologies, which will involve computer vision, natural language processing, text input, interactive AI, knowledge base, search, etc. Microsoft AI, products, and services, In addition, the two companies will better integrate xiaomi hardware, software and Internet products with their deep cooperation in AI technologies and products, together with Xiaomi’s largest IoT network platform in the world and its industry-leading AI products, to bring xiaomi users a better new experience.

On October 31, 2017, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadra visited China to visit Xiaomi and meet with Lei Jun, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Company. She also visited “Mi Home” of Xiaomi offline retail shop and experienced the high quality and richness of Xiaomi Products and services

Satya Nadra visited China to visit Xiaomi and meet with Lei Jun

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will further expand the space for cooperation between the two sides and open up endless possibilities for the future technological development, product innovation, and market expansion.

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