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Steps to Solve Heating Issue in Redmi Note 4 and other Xiaomi Phones!

Xiaomitoday gives you solutions to solve heating issue in Redmi Note 4 and other Xiaomi phones.

Smartphones are getting smarter these days. On the other hand, they are getting hotter too. It was surprising when we heard news of phones on fire. A little too much for a phone, eh? But it is considered that 30deg C is normal heating temperature for a mobile phone. If you find the battery temperature exceeding 47deg C, then it is time to take your device to a customer service center. Anyways in this article, we will explain how to solve heating issue in Redmi Note 4 & other xiaomi phones.

Heating issue in Redmi note 4 (1)

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Let’s first understand some of the reasons for the heating:


A processor is a semiconductor that has atomic particles called electrons that collide. Hence, the heat. So, it is normal for a phone to heat up. But, not normal when the phone reaches a 50 C temperature.


The small compact batteries are energy sources. Like all the energy devices, they dissipate heat too. Your hands, holding the phone, will feel the heat as soon as heat dissipation occurs.


Playing high-end games on a phone that wasn’t actually designed for the games at all will certainly put more load on the processor and eventually leads to a temperature rise.

Other factors such as ambient temperature, poor signals also contribute.

Effects of overheating:

CPU Throttling:

Playing games for far too long and noticed that the phone has now started lagging? Yeah, that’s the safety measure that the phones implement. This slows down the processor, and hence all the apps start lagging. If your SoC overheats too many times the chip will be permanently damaged. Which eventually degrades the performance.

Degrading effects on battery:

Lithium-ion batteries are the best rechargeable batteries on the market. However powerful these batteries are they are super sensitive to heat, which might cause unmanageable damage to your smartphone.

solve heating issue in redmi

Guide to solve heating issue in Redmi Note 4

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > MIUI version
    Click on MIUI version 3-4 times. A message box will say “You are now a developer.”
    Now go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options
    Here, set the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale to 0.5x. This will reduce all animations popping-up on the smartphone which lead to reduced load on CPU. Hence, less heat produced.
  • Go to Settings > Battery > Manage apps battery usage > ON
    Click on ‘ON’ 7-8 times which will enable the Ultimate option. The Ultimate will freeze apps running in the background.
  • Another option is battery drain notification.
    Go to Settings > Battery & Performance > Battery Drain Notification.
    Slide it to ‘ON’ and set the desired temperature at which you want to be notified. 40 C, 42 C, 45 C, 48 C are the available options to choose from.

Heating issue in Redmi note 4

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Ways to solve heating issue in other Xiaomi devices

  • Settings > Battery > Power Saving mode
    Click on the power saving mode only if the battery is more than 60%.
  • System Updates:
    Go to Settings > About phone.
    Check the MIUI version. If your phone in between 8.2.4 and 8.1.9, then check for the System Update. When the heating issues arise, it is usually due to the difference between hardware and software optimizations. Thus, the company will send a software patch to fix the bug. So make sure you keep your phone software updated always.
  • Clean cache:
    Go to Settings > Storage > Cleaner > Clean up
    Clicking on the cleanup option will give you the redundant data on your Xiaomi phone which you can delete to decrease the battery load.
  • Go to Settings > Battery > System animations > Hide system animations
    By clicking on Hide Animations, your phone will reboot. This will make the animations stop popping-up, hence will reduce the load on the processor. Thus, less heat.
  • Even after the above options are not working, go for a factory reset
    Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset.
    Click on the option for Reset phone down below to set a system reboot. This will set all the settings on your phone same as when purchased.

If the above tips work, then it is good enough. But, the user should remember, the low-budget phones are not meant to take on the heavy load on CPU or GPU. So, it is to be noticed that the phones are used according to the specs of the mobile. For buying high-end Xiaomi smartphones to support all your work visit Xiaomi website

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Hopefully, these tips will help in reducing the heat on your Xiaomi phone. Even if still you face the issue, take your phone to nearest Xiaomi customer service center. Maybe you know tips that we don’t know? Comment down below.

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