Xiaomi will expand its market with new Mi stores – Mijia is the first on the list

Xiaomi has been one of the few companies that have known about leading the decline in the mobile market. Among the reasons for this are the significant efforts made by the company represented by Lei Jun to get ahead, and the creation of quality products. As if that were not enough, the multiple Mi Home stores contributed their grain of sand in this recovery. No matter how fast Xiaomi makes the presentation of a new device, as soon as it is available in digital stores, they are ready to go out in mi stores.

Xiaomi Store

Mijia now has a Mi store

The expansion does not stop there. It has been confirmed that one of the sub-brands of Xiaomi, Mijia, will have its first Mi store in Shanghai. Zhu Guain, vice president of quality goods, said “talking about excellent products, I think many of my friends will be happy to know that many young people are benefited thanks to the presence of the designer Miyake Shun (founder of the philosophy “high quality, creative and low cost”) at the headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. At a month, between 80 and 100 stores are open. In them, you can see the Xiaomi model of excellent products.”

80 to 100 Xiaomi stores open at month

The main reason to open a store focused exclusively on Mijia is that in 2017, Mi Home achieved spectacular sales results. In fact, by January 13, 2018, there were 300 Mi stores throughout China. The Mi Home stores have served as a core for the experiences of the Internet of Things, the sale of Xiaomi mobile phones and for all products that are part of the company’s intelligent ecosystem. However, the IoT of Xiaomi has taken a course that deserves its space, since they are two entirely different paths, and that is why they want to create stores that allow users to enjoy only these products.

Mijia Sub-brand

Xiaomi’s expansion plans

At present, there are no clear plans for the construction of departmental stores, since at the moment there is not a precise location for them. However, the creation of a Mijia store is already part of the great expansion plan developed by Xiaomi. It is evident that now they seek to get into the market of department stores little by little. But we do not know what the future holds. Recall that the success of Xiaomi is due to the prices they managed to maintain by not having Mi stores. And the latter has changed in a short time.


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