Xiaomi Mi 6 Android Oreo 8.0 Update: Top Features & How to Install

Xiaomi is rolling out the Oreo update as of now!

Remember Xiaomi Mi 6? The phone launched back in Q2 2017? Xiaomi’s flagship mobile is getting the Oreo update as of now. Following that! Xiaomi Mi 6 Android Oreo is finally here.

Read on to find out!

Mi 6. Oh, Not the James Bond one. We are talking about Xiaomi’s flagship device. Well, the device is as clever as Mi 6 though. It had its share of success back when it was released in April 2017. But, we remember it as the device that never released in India. But for the Xiaomi Mi 6 users, we do have some good news.

Xiaomi rolled out the Android Oreo 8.0 update: It ‘s the Global Beta version 8.1.111

In December 2017, Xiaomi recruited a list of beta testers. Well, the company is still looking out for beta testers for Mi Mix 2 too. If you are a running Android Nougat, it is recommended to the first update to MIUI 9 Global Beta 7.12.14 ROM. Yeah, you read it right. Xiaomi Mi 6 will be the first smartphone to get the first Oreo-based ROM. Stable ROMs are not stable versions at this early stage of Android Oreo. Once you make sure Global Beta 7.12.14 ROM is installed, the users will get the over-the-air (OTA) for the update.

The company fixed few important bugs that users complained about before. The bug which leads to a blank screen on unlocking the phone is fixed. MIUI forums have made few speculations that there are some changes to the user interface in this Oreo update. Also, the Contacts app has undergone some changes too. As previously mentioned, Users will get the OTA link for updating their Android. It will be available as a zip file. Do it manually or wait for the company to give the stable update for Xiaomi Mi 6.

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Here is a step-by-step process for updating to Global Beta on your Xiaomi Mi 6 :

  • First, Mi 6 users should move to MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM 7.12.1 if they are on MIUI 9 Global Stable version. You can successfully switch from Stable to Global via the Fastboot method.
  • Go to the OTA updates after installing MIUI 9 Global Beta on your phone.
  • You will find the update for Android Oreo.
  • Once the OTA update is done. You will have the all-new Android on your Mi 6!

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After this process of rebooting ends, users will find the OTA notification for the Android Oreo-based MIUI 9 Global Beta update. In case you are wondering whether to update to Oreo, here are some mind-boggling features :

Top Features of Xiaomi Mi 6 Android Oreo Update

It will be hard to notice a significant change in the user interface after the upgrade, but look closer and you will start noticing new additions here and there.

PIP mode (Picture-In-Picture)

Watch videos or movies from video-streaming apps such as YouTube or VLC Media Player while working on a document on Google Docs.

Better Battery performance

xiaomi mi 6 android oreo
Oreo will manage those background resources that drain the battery. So, get as much as work done as possible with that 3350 mAH battery of Xiaomi Mi 6. Most of the time when a battery killing app is having a run in the background, Android tends not to kill the App. But in the case of Android Oreo when an app runs rogue, the battery settings menu will display it front and center, directly under your battery percentage.

Autofill APIs

Before, you had to use different third-party apps to store all your passwords. Now, Oreo will work hand-in-hand with these apps to fill in the passwords, login details, and other repetitive information.

Icons have a makeover!

In these days of customization, Oreo is taking the lead. Adaptive Icons let you customize your device even more. Before this could be achieved only through third-party apps or those already present on Google App Store.


Enough about Android Oreo already. We all will love it. Now, don’t you hesitate in updating your Xiaomi Mi 6!

Speaking of Xiaomi Mi 6, we know about its powerful 3350 mAH battery. But the device runs on 2.45GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The RAM is amazing too. Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 6 comes with a 6 GB RAM! Internal storage is 64GB that can be expandable with an external SD card. Xiaomi also gives us a 12 MP rear camera which users loved upon its release. A 5.5-inch display with 1080p resolution also give a 1080p video upon recording.

Xiaomi users will love the combination of Mi 6 running Android Oreo. That is our best bet. If you feel otherwise, comment down below.

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