SjCam SJ6 Legend 4K Camera Full Review

Despite the influx of a plethora of different options for taking pictures and capturing videos, you can’t still take away these functions from the camera as it has been specifically designed for this purpose. As such, the camera still remains a necessity for recording videos and taking beautiful so as to always have a copy of your best moments that you will forever cherish. Fortunately, to add to the number of camera devices already in the market, a new camera has been manufactured. This is the SJCAM SJ6 Legend Camera.

This camera features a number of impressive features that make it stand out amongst other cameras’ in the same category with it.

Here are some of the specifications of the camera:

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SJCAM SJ6 Legend Camera Features and Specs

Imaging Processor: Novatek 96660 SoC.

Image sensor: Panasonic MN34120PA.

Sensor size: 16MP.

Lens: 166 ultra wide angle lenses.

Display: 2.0: back LTPS touch screen and 0.96-inch status display.

Video formats: 4K/24fps, 1080P/60fps and 720P/120fps.

Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker.

Photo: Up to 16MP.

Working modes: Burst mode, loop recording, video and photo mode.

Battery: 1000 mAh (last about 100 minutes).

Storage: Micro SD memory card slot, support up to 128GB.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11.

Connectors: micro USB and mini HDMI.

Waterproof: Yes with a case.

Video out: Yes, via HDMI.

Other: Gyro image stabilisation and App control.

Camera size: 5.90 x 4.10 x 2.11 cm.

Weight: 84g (with battery).

Colours: Black, silver and pink.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Package Content

1 x 1000 mAh battery.

1 x USB Charging cable.

1 x Waterproof case.

1 x mounting accessories.

1 x Tripod adapter.

1 x User manual.

SJCam SJ6 Legend Camera Review: True to its name?

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Display

Unboxing the SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Packaging

The SjCam Legend Camera comes in a rectangular shaped box carton with black and white colours in the front and a transparent opening that shows the camera inside the box. It also has clearly written on it SjCam at the top left area of the carton and Sj6 Legend action cam 2.0” Touchscreen printed in the middle of the package. In addition to that, it also showcases some of its features on the front as well.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Packaging Contents

At the back of this package, it showcases a white colour and some of its features and specifications are written at the back as well.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Packaging

Upon opening up the package, we are greeted with a white inner box which has to be opened as well before getting to the camera. There is also a “scratch and check” genuine verification panel where users can use in order to ensure that their device is a genuine one. We can see the camera already still protected by a transparent casing.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Packaging Contents

By the side, there is a smaller box where all the accessories have been stored. There are quite a lot of accessories here.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Package Contents

There is a micro fibre cloth for wiping the device screen when dirty, a tripod adapter, mounting accessories, USB cable, a frame, and a user manual. It also comes with a lot of other accessories as well to allow for easy mounting and usage of the device.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Design

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Design

This camera is designed to be as compact as possible and it sports a very small size. While it comes in three different colours, for the purpose of this review, ours is has a white and black colour. It comes in a waterproof casing with security measures to ensure you don’t open it by mistake. It also comes fitted with a screw tripod mount to allow for easy use of the tripods on this device.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Connectivity

By one side of this device, there are two ports which are the USB and HDMI ports and one slot for a memory card. With the HDMI port, you can connect your camera to your TV and make use of the TV mode present on this device.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Lens

At the bottom of this device, there is a slot for the battery which is opened by sliding the latch door forward. You can then pull out the battery. Its capacity is a thousand mAh and is quite a bit heavy with a weight of 18 grammes. By the side of this camera, the power on/off button is present.

Powering and Using this Camera

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Usage

The SJ6 camera features a sort of thin but rough design for better grip during use. To power on the camera, you need to charge it first before you can begin using it. Once a full charge is complete, your camera is ready for usage. At one side of the camera, there is a power button for putting on and putting off this device and a quick settings button for making quick changes to the device settings.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Performance

This camera sports double screens at the front and at the back of the device. The screen at the back is a touchscreen that allows for easy scrolling and usage of this device. At the front, however, the screen shows what the camera is doing at the moment. Icons such as the battery icon, the mode (either video or photo) are also shown here as well. A recording timer and the current time are present as well on this screen.

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera Menu Features

To make use of the SJ6 Legend, you will need to insert a memory card; doing otherwise will make it give an error message when you try to press the power button. At the top of the device, the shutter button is present for taking pictures and recording videos. On the screen of this camera, sliding from one end to the other switches the mode from photo to video and vice versa. Sliding from up top to bottom brings out some quick settings such as Wi-F, lock screen, remote, etc. Sliding from top to bottom brings out a lot of other settings and modes such as the underwater mode, car mode, Video + photo mode, Burst Mode etc.

Connectivity and Ports

SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera DSLR Stand

You can connect your SjCam SJ6 Legend camera to your iOS or Android smartphone by using the Wi-Fi settings. You can only use the Wi-Fi with an application provided by the supplier. You would be required to register by providing an email and a password before you can be able to begin using your account. Via this app, you can also share pictures and videos from your SjCam SJ6.


  • Possesses a 2? live-view LCD with touch screen.
  • Has a plethora of languages for easy usage.
  • Light, thin compact device.


  • It’s a quite pricey device considering the use of the old Novatek 96660 imaging processor which other cheaper cameras use as well.


In conclusion, the SjCam SJ6 Legend Camera might just be the only device fitted with a touchscreen and capable of recording HD videos (interpolated 4k camera) which essentially means it can’t record 4K resolution videos. While this device can be considered a good buy at $159 (SjCam’s price), there are other cameras that can be purchased at cheaper prices but lack a touch screen.

Luckily, you can now get the device for just $99.99 on Gearbest by using the coupon code GBGblack6.


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