Get This Mi Band 2 Killer For Just $7.64- Same Design & Features!

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 is presently sold for a cheap price of $20.05 on LightInTheBox but if you still can’t afford that amount or think the Mi Band 2 isn’t cheap enough, here is a cheap smart band and fitness tracker that gives the Mi Band 2 a run for its money. It is dubbed Cardmisha M2 Smart Band and is on offer now for just $8.99, $7.64, that is over $10 less than the Mi Band 2! How about that?

The cheap smart band is known as Cardmisha M2 and it features the same design as the Mi Band 2 as well as a 0.42-inch OLED display with the same type of touchpad which the Mi Band 2 packs. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity which enables users pair with both Android phones and Apple iPhones via a dedicated app which is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes. Among the features available on the device include a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, message notification, call reminder and an IP67 water resistant feature. The M2 smart band also packs a 70mAh battery that can last for up to 20 days on standby.

Further more, the device comes in Black, Pink, Blue, Orange, Ginger and Yellow colours. It can pair with any smartphone running Android 4.4 and higher as well as iOS 7.0 and higher. The Cardmisha M2 smart band is presently available on LightInTheBox at an ultra-cheap price tag of $8.99 $7.64. That is a fairly decent price tag for a device with such features.

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