Save Money! Get The Next Drive Portable Electric Scooter For $264.86

Electric scooters are turning out to be an efficient and energy saving means of moving from one place to another. They are convenient, mostly self-balancing and yet more comfortable than a hoverboard. There even third party seats that can be installed so that you can sit while driving your scooter. The Next Drive ZA-012 is one portable scooter that has all the qualities to satisfy your needs if you are shopping for a scooter. Even if you have no plan to get one now, the price tag is such that should prompt a change of mind. LightInTheBox is offering the scooter for $264.86 for buyers from Europe. Next Drive Portable Electric Scooter

The Next Drive ZA-012 self-balancing electric scooter can be folded in half to save space and yet provides lots of power and stability when in use. The Next Drive ZA-012 is a vehicle completely made out of solid aluminum alloy, the deck plate size is also pretty wide at 550mm by 120mm so you should never have any problems positioning your feet on it. Meanwhile, the two wheels have a diameter of 110mm. The Next Drive scooter also has a smart LED display which shows various parameters like speed, battery power etc. Next Drive Portable Electric Scooter

The ZA-012 is quite easy to ride and it’s shockproof as well. The brake system on it is a side-pull calliper brake and the maximum supported weight is 120 kilograms. In addition, this electric scooter can achieve speeds of up to 23Km/h and consume from 50W to 250W and can even climb an inclination of up to 15 degrees. The scooter can also travel up to a distance of 30 KM on a full charge before its rechargeable lithium battery will need to be recharged. There is also a nicely designed front light with a unique ring design, super lighting range and brightness of more than 110LUX. Next Drive Portable Electric Scooter

You can grab the scooter right now from LightInTheBox for $264.86 for buyers from Europe. It is available in Light Blue, Blue, Pink, Black and White colours.Other buywers shipping to addresses outside Europe can get the scooter for a slightly higher price of $294.29 which isn’t a bad offer either. Buy using the buy now button below.

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