Lightning Sale: Buy the Xiaomi Soocare Smart Electric Toothbrush For $34.99 with Free Shipping

Xiaomi teamed up with Chinese startup Soocare Cassels around July last year to launch a nice-looking smart electric toothbrush with Bluetooth.  The product dubbed Xiaomi Soocare electric toothbrush was unveiled under the crowdfunding platform and has since been on sale with a marvellous performance. The device looks very much like Philip’s Sonicare line up of electric toothbrush but comes at an amazingly cheap price. LightInTheBox offers it presently for just $34.99 with free shipping option. So, if you are searching for a durable and cool electric toothbrush, Xiaomi has got one but if you still need to know more about the product, read on. Xiaomi soocare electric toothbrush

The handheld electric toothbrush uses a magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor with a swing speed of up to 37200 times per minute which spins the bristle. The gadget motor also has a torque output of 220 which makes it continues swinging strong. The bristle of the toothbrush is made by US company DuPont and is an o.152mm thin soft bristle which has a 3D design that fits well into the teeth surfaces and interproximal spaces. Xiaomi soocare electric toothbrush

In addition to general everyday toothbrushing to achieve clean teeth, the Soocare X3 features a sensitive care brush head and deep cleaning brush head. By the way, there’s also a Soocare Mini for toddlers. Xiaomi soocare electric toothbrush

Still, on the design specs, the Xiaomi Soocare Electric toothbrush consists of a body and chassis that is IPX7 waterproof certified and can be washed and cleaned after use directly under running water without fear of damage.

The device also comes with Bluetooth connectivity which seems to be able to connect to your smartphone to display the percentage of battery power left. The device packs a 1000mAh battery which can last up to 25 days without charging and charges to full capacity in just 16 hours. There is also wireless charging support. Xiaomi soocare electric toothbrush

The Xiaomi Soocare X3 is available on LightInTheBox Lightning sales promo for just $34.99. The device was launched with a price tag of 229 yuan (about $35) last and buying it at the same amount now overseas is a deal breaker. So, head off to the product page using the button below.

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