Vernee MIX 2 Review – Best Budget 18:9 Full Display Android

Trending full display 18:9 aspect ratio phones like Xiaomi Mi MIx 2 and Samsung S8 cost a lot, luckily you can get the same experience with the sub $200 Vernee Mix 2. That’s right this 6-inch FHD+ full display 18:9 aspect ratio phone with 64GB storage, Helio P25 and big 4200mAh battery can be yours for a much smaller amount. Continue reading my Vernee MIX 2 review to know why this is how budget phones should look like in 2017!

Vernee Mix 2 Review Premium Look for a Budget Phone

Vernee MIX 2 Specs and Premium Look

Vernee MIX 2 Review Specs

Vernee MIX 2 Specs boast a monster 6.0″ Full Display 18:9 Aspect Ratio with FHD+ resolution, Big Battery 4200mAh, Fast Charging, Helio P25 Octa-core processor, Android 7, Rear Fingerprint Scanner and Headphone jack. Please check out my Vernee MIX 2 Unboxing Video before moving on to the full review.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Budget Phone 2017

This $160 beautiful device offers Full HD+ 18:9 display with 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage. The main camera is 13+5MP and the selfie camera is 8MP. Vernee Mix 2 features all the needed sensors like Gyroscope, Light and Proximity and can be used for VR and 360 videos.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Glass and Metal body

The premium feel is definitely the star in this review of Vernee MIX 2. Notably, the glass and metal body is explicitly made for an exquisite look and good durability. You get a really amazing look for this price.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Premium Feeling

Vernee MIX 2 comes with a Mediatek fast charger and a micro USB cable. In addition, the 4200mAh battery is definitely plenty enough even for heavy usage. It will last a day and a half of normal usage and is fully charged for around 2hrs.

Vernee MIX 2 Headphone Jack

If you are missing the Headphone jack on the latest Chinese phones, Vernee MIX 2 is the phone for you. Moreover, this thin device comes with dual Nano SIM slots which can be used as well for micro SD cards. Vernee MIX 2 supports Bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20 so it will work anywhere in Asia and Europe but with limited access in US and Canada.

Vernee MIX 2 LED notification

For those of you who are wondering if there is a LED notification light, wonder no more. Though it is not customisable, it is in there. Furthermore, the rear fingerprint scanner on the back of the device is quite fast and accurate.

A box full of goodies – Vernee MIX 2 Review

Vernee MIX 2 Review Full box for a budget phone

Not only Vernee MIX 2 comes in a big box but in a box full of goodies. We’ve got a fast charger with a cable, SIM tray pin, a warranty and a manual how to operate the phone. However, Vernee goes the extra mile with packing not 1, but 2 Screen protectors and a really useful silicone Shockproof case.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Shockproof Case

How Vernee put these specs and all of these goodies in a $160 package is truly amazing. With its premium feeling from the glass and metal body, full HD+ 18:9 aspect ratio display, decent dual cameras and big battery Vernee MIX 2 is a star among the budget phones.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Performance

The Helio P25 processor of Vernee MIX 2 is just as good as any Snapdragon 625. The AnTuTu and performance scores are decent especially compared to other budget phones in this price range such as Maze Alpha, Doogee Mix and Meigoo M1.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Benchmarks Results

Vernee MIX 2 Review Geekbench Score

Moving on to Vernee Mix 2 battery life I was pleased with the better than expected results. Mix 2’s battery life will definitely get you through a full day of heavy usage. With some sparing usage, you can even get 2 days out of it.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Battery life

Users who do more browsing, social medias and playing videos will get up to 8Hrs of screen-on-time. Heavy gamers will have to convey to 4-5 Hrs with 2-3 Hrs of intense 3D gaming involved.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Battery score

Considering the monster 6-inch FHD+ display I think the battery life is better than average and certainly superior to Maze Alpha.

Vernee Mix 2 Gaming Performance

You didn’t think we’d skip gaming in our Vernee Mix 2 Review, did you? Using the higher resolution FHD+ 2160×1080 takes a bit more toll on the Helio P25. Vernee Mix 2 handles intensive 3D games well but has frame drops in heaviest games like CSR: Racing 2.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Gaming

Luckily great-looking games like Need For Speed: No Limits, War Planes and War Robots run quite well. Since this is the first software revision of the phone gaming performance may improve with future OTA updates. Vernee usually does at least 3-4 per phone, which is more than most Chinese manufacturers.

Vernee MIX 2 Review Gaming test

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review

Moving on to Vernee Mix 2 Camera review most of you are definitely eager to find if it sucks. And the answer is definitely NO. While the phone was advertised with Sony IMX258 it uses the AR1355 sensor instead, but that’s not a bad thing. The AR1355 features a larger pixel size of 1.1-micron pixels, PDAF and f/2.0 and is a very fast snapper. Outside in good light Vernee Mix 2’s camera focuses super-fast and delivers great image quality with low amounts of noise for a sub 200$ phone.

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Daylight shot

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Good light shot

Indoor shots continue to provide the same fast shutter speed and great details.

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Inside good light

Macro shots are another strong point of Vernee Mix 2’s camera, especially in good light.

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Macro Photo

Night shots in super-low-light are not the camera’s strong point but again offer a bit more than the competition from Maze Alpha and Meigoo M1. Sometimes the camera struggles for focus and the shutter speed is slow, but this will be improved with future updates for sure. I do wish Vernee didn’t bother with the dual-camera setup. Having that Bokeh effect is not done properly and I suggest you don’t use it. Furthermore, the monochrome shot is just a filter, not hardware.

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Low light shot

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Night shot

Selfies taken with Vernee Mix 2 front camera are decent in good light but lose more detail indoors and in low light.

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Selfie in good light

Vernee MIX 2 Camera Review Selfie inside

The front camera is the inferior of the two, but definitely usable for social media. Regarding video quality, the front camera is currently capped to 480p and the main one to 1080p. Both cameras shoot a quite decent video and audio and offer image stabilization.

Vernee MIX 2 Pros and Cons

All things considered, Vernee Mix 2 Pros far outweigh its cons. With a huge display, all the sensors, decent cameras, performance, good battery life and low price. Some noticeable cons are both cameras evident drop in performance and shutter speed in very low-light and some missing software features like hiding the on-screen keys. The GPS was a bit slower to lock as well, especially indoors. It will be nice to see Vernee address those issues with future OTAs, but even as it is Vernee Mix 2 is clearly ahead of the competition when it comes to value for money.

Vernee MIX 2 Price and Where to buy

You can order Vernee Mix 2 by clicking on the link below from I do believe this is a fine budget phone you shouldn’t overlook in the sub 200$ price range. Beating phones like Maze Alpha and Doogee Mix, especially in the camera departement and battery life. I hope our Vernee Mix 2 review has been helpful. Share the Vernee Mix 2 review for your friends.

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