Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone Review – After a Year of Use, Did it Last?

Most of the Chinese products are not robust when it comes to long-lasting durability. But remember we said most, not all Chinese products. However, a few of them are even more enduring in comparison to the international brands. Such is our today’s protagonist ‘Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone’.

Here’s my experience of the first use of this headphone till date. It’s getting almost a year old. Let me enlight you about the condition of Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone after a year of use. Let’s find out!

Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone Review – The First Impression and The First Experience

I purchased Bluedio T3 and T3 Plus from Aliexpress on 11.11 with a great discount, last year. And trust me these headphones left a great impact on me, especially the first impression. The credit goes to the brilliant boxing and accessories. Still, I thought that most Chinese crap comes with a lot of accessories including the 3.5mm audio cable, user guide, Micro-USB cable and a nice soft pouch.

I luckily found the boxing as well after 1 year.
Bluedio T3 Plus First Impression

But when I wore that Bluedio T3 Plus headphone it didn’t disappoint me at all. A great comfortable grip around my ears. Though the headphone is heavy because of that metal alloy frame, after wearing them, I didn’t feel that much weight because of that comfortable yet tight grip.

The sound was amazing considering the budget-friendly price. It’s one of the best budget-friendly. You won’t be able to get that much detail in the sound and music as the headphone is only designed to catch high-frequency and mid-frequency tunes. Same goes for the clarity. But I’m surprised to hear almost every instrument in the music. The best part was the deep bass coming from that 57mm titanizing diaphragm. At the end, it was a clear, distortion-free sound. About the 3D effect, I certainly felt the surrounding effect but it isn’t that much great as of Bluedio UFO as you don’t have any subwoofers.

The dust has been clung to the edges since I mostly used them outdoor.

Heading to the connectivity, the Bluetooth 4.1 module along with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), the headphone connected within 1 second. Though I hate the mechanism to activate it, long press till 3 seconds to power on and then further press it for 3 more seconds to activate pairing mode. If you leave the button after 3 seconds, you won’t be able to pair. Instead, you have to press the power button again to turn it off and then start that 6-second press again to head to pairing mode.

Blue light is on when headphone is in pairing mode and blinks when headphone has connected.

There is the 3.5mm audio jack option as well which generates better sound quality than that on Bluetooth but you won’t be able to use 3D mode on that. Moreover, the buttons aren’t marked as well, you just have to remember which one is the forward button, which one is FM mode/SD card mode/Bluetooth mode. But, I guess mentioning them might have ruined the beauty of the headphone as well.

Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone Review – After A Year of Use

Design & Appearance

To be honest, as I aspected, the design and appearance of Bluedio T3 Plus headphone are almost as new as it was during the first impression. No doubt, there are some minute scratches on the plastic area. The Zinc Alloy Frame is nearly scratchless.

Over the year, neither the frame bent nor misaligned. There were some white marks made by closing and extending the headphone. At the end, there was no discoloration anywhere on the frame.

Lines are permanently visible on the frame from where the headphone’s frame is extended

The black color never lost its shine. The ear form on both sides had some lines which are common for almost every headphone even Beats, JBL, and others. But surprisingly, the ear memory hadn’t lost its comfort. It’s the same as it was when I first wore them.

The headphone had undergone extremities. I usually went to sleep while wearing them, numerous times. Moreover, I have dropped it many times, but only a few unnoticeable scratches, nothing else.

You can see a few scratches on the left side of T3

Even Bluedio T4 and T4S are out with better hardware. But still, I like the third generation because of the stupendous price tag, SD card compatibility, design, and the 3D mode.

Connectivity & Battery

Heading to the connectivity, the Bluetooth module had the same lightning-fast connectivity with smartphones. Over the years, I shifted to many smartphones such as Oukitel U13, LG 1020, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I experienced no connectivity issues on all these smartphones.

However, I was disappointed that a couple of days back I started to experience a problem with the 3.5mm audio jack connectivity. After connecting the cable with the phone and headphone, sometimes the right earpiece started to stop generating sound. After a few jolts, it went back to normal. I tried to replace the 3.5mm audio cable but the same problem persisted. However, thankfully, if I connect the headphone wirelessly via Bluetooth, both earpieces worked fine as from the start. I will update you if I fix that problem.

The SD card slot is working great as well. I have tested 4GB to 128GB TF cards, all are working with almost every audio format. 

Heading to the battery section, Bluedio needs no introduction when it comes to providing speakers and headphones which can last for many hours on a single charge. The manufacturer says that Bluedio T3 Plus headphone can last for 20 hours after 2 hours of charging. Well, no one can listen to music for 20 hours. But I used it for a weekend on a single charge (using it 2 to 3 hours daily). After one year, the battery life hasn’t decreased a little bit which is something amazing.

Sound & Performance

We might expect you noise dissipation if we use a particular headphone more than a year. Even the speakers might worn out, generating annoying hazy sound. But that’s not the case with Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone. The headphone sound quality is still immune to time and I love the sound quality and effects which are same as on day one.

Surprisingly, the sound is great when connected with a phone but the best when connected with a laptop. I guess my Zenbook has some built-in equalizers and filters.

The Verdict

If you are searching for a headphone which is durable, budget-friendly and offers great sound quality with trembling bass, and 3D mode, Bluedio T3 Plus Headphone is the best headphone to give a shot. I can finally say:

Bluedio T3 Plus is one of the most durable and best price-over-performance headphone till date!

If you want to hear, surrounding, detailed sound, with every instrument in the background, we might suggest picking an expensive headphone. This is the best headphone you can get under $50.

Price & Availability

You can buy Bluedio T3 Plus from Gearbest for the best price of $32.99 in black color. Here’s a link to the store:

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