Cheapest Xiaomi MI NOTE 2 only $279 packing OLED Display, Snapdragon 821!

Bargain of the century, cheapest Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with OLED display, Snapdragon 821, NFC, Hi-Fi Audio with a headphone jack, IR Blaster and big battery capacity 4070mAh! With MIUI 9 just around the corner, could this be the absolute perfect phone? I recently got my hands on the Mi Note 2 and it not only holds up but is better than ever. With a year to fine-tune and optimize the software and hardware, I am left scratching my head at why didn’t the Mi Note 3 follow the same pattern?


Let’s first talk about the massive performance thanks to Snapdragon 821 and 4GB RAM. Mi Note 2 might be a year old, but it is still fast as hell. Any game you throw at it or task will run fast and breezy. Most phones like Moto G5s or even Nokia 7 pack Snapdragon 625 or 630, but here you get last year’s champion.

cheapest xiaomi mi performance antutu
Xiaomi Antutu Snapdragon 821
Xiaomi Mi Geekbench

Talking about bang for the buck! Amazing benchmark scores compared to competing phones. Cheapest Xiaomi Mi Note 2 still runs all the latest 3D Games without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the OLED display and huge 4070mAh battery the endurance is outstanding. You can easily achieve up to 7Hrs of Screen-On-Time using Mi Note 2’s 5.7″ OLED display.

cheapest xiaomi mi display
Mi Note 2 beautiful elegant sexy
Xiaomi mi note 2 OLED Display

Looking at this screen never gets tiring. With all the Google Pixel 2 OLED issues, you might think they went cheap on the panel. Mi Note 2 has no blue tints or burn-ins and boasts more natural colours while still having punchy colours. Not many phones today can compete with that, even priced above $300!

Xiaomi front fingerprint

I absolutely love having a real clickable front fingerprint scanner. Nothing beats that satisfying click when unlocking your display and it doesn’t miss a print. Perhaps most noteworthy to mention is that the Mi Note 2 is super-thin, light and still has a headphone jack! Not only that but also a 24-bit HD Audio DAC for serious quality.


Last year, Xiaomi decided on picking the highest grade Sony Exmor IMX318 and although it had a smaller pixel size it was still top of the line. A year later with much optimization, this sensor delivers better than ever and surprises with good low-light performance. Just look at these amazing shots I’ve taken using the “panned by critics in 2016” camera.

cheapest xiaomi mi camera
Xiaomi mi note 2 camera review

Video quality and especially stabilization was again surprisingly good. The 3-axis EIS using 4K video beats any 300$ phone thanks to a superior Snapdragon 821 and better software. What the camera is not on par with today’s top range phones is focusing speed and shooting fast-moving objects. As light goes down the camera focuses slower and you need to hold the phone steady, but if you nail that down the results far outweigh the effort. To conclude, MI Note 2’s camera experience is great, but you need to hold the phone steady and be a bit more patient with the focusing in low-light.

Cheapest Xiaomi MI Note 2 price and how to buy

Thanks to Gearbest you can now order the cheapest Xiaomi Mi Note 2 International version for only $279! That’s right, for below 300$ you get super-fast Snapdragon 821, amazing 5.7″ OLED display, NFC, Headphone Jack, IR Blaster and great cameras. With MIUI9 Confirmed for Mi Note 2 and coming in 2 weeks, I really don’t see any cons to purchasing perhaps the most underrated Xiaomi device ever.

cheapest xiaomi mi price

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