Xiaomi’s Upcoming Mi 7 Could Use Wireless Charging

Although these years Apple has got a lot of bad feedback for the lack of innovation, in terms of many kinds of smartphone manufacturers globally, Apple still can set an industry standard in the world, currently, iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been released, both of which support wireless charging. Which means a lot of manufacturers will be jumping on the Wireless Charging bandwagon. One of them being Xiaomi.

WPC’s website now lists Xiaomi as one of their members. WPC is a wireless standard company, which not too recently had Apple join their members list, for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Xiaomi, being the aggressive brand it is, would go for the same standard as Apple.

Xiaomi is no stranger to experimenting with their phones. The Mi Mix line of phones is a great example of their R&D skills. However, Xiaomi has never tried out Wireless Charging on their Flagship smartphones, or any phones for that matter. This partnership with WPC could mean that he all exciting Mi 7, their upcoming flagship could possibly ship with the Qi Wireless Standard.

Xiaomi Mi 7Leaks

This also lines up with a lot of rumors and leaks about the Mi 7, having a glass front and glass back with a metal frame. However most of the leaked renders are quite possibly fan-made renders, so taking that with a grain of salt is advisable. This partnership with WPC, is exciting for sure, however, we might not see wireless charging in the Mi 7. If it does end up getting the feature, it would be quite exciting. However, if it doesn’t we can expect to see wireless charging on future phones from Xiaomi, and not only on flagships, but also on budget friendly offerings.

What do you guys think about this possible rumor? Wold you consider a Xiaomi phone if it offered wireless charging? Let us know in the comments.

Source : WPC

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  1. Hmm, why metal back on a phone is bad no no?? Nokia Lumia 920 what i had is ome example where metal body doesnt affect the wireless charging…. Xiaomi should conslult with NOKIA in this matter.

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