How to Move from Android to iPhone For Free ft. AnyTrans iOS Mover

Apple recently unveiled its 3 new iPhones that are iPhone 8 ,8 plus and the most anticipated iPhone 10. Now some of the Android users may be interested in switching to the new iPhone but moving data from one platform to another is not an easy task.

And that’s exactly why today I am going to show you a very useful tool knows as AnyTrans which is an ultimate iPhone manager that breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memo, no matter the content is from your iPhone, iTunes backup, even from iCloud. It gives efficient & minimalist control and absolute freedom over all users iOS data and files, plus the best new feature of this tool is the iOS mover that will basically move all your data from an Android device to iOS without any data loss.


How to Move from Android to iPhone For Free ft. AnyTrans iOS Mover

Let’s first begin with the interface. Apple has continuously revised the interface on iTunes to make it simpler, minimalistic and easier to use. While it has got many aspects of the interface right, the moment you look at AnyTrans, you realize that this is the way iTunes should have been.

AnyTrans is a file manager for iOS devices that is vastly superior to iTunes in almost every way. It can copy any type of media from your computer to your iOS device or from your device to your computer, as well as create and manage your device backups. It can even integrate with your iCloud account to manage your online storage, and download videos from the web for offline use on your device.

But one of the most anticipated feature of this tool is the iOS mover and as the name suggest it will let you move files from your android device to iOS without any data loss. So, let’s see how we can move files from Android to iOS.

Now before we get started we need to take care of some things on our Android and iOS device. In Android, you need to enable the USB debugging and for that you also need to enable the developers option. So, to do that head over to the setting menu then about section, here tap the build number 7 times to unlock the developers option, now go back and click on developers option and enable USB debugging also make sure to select MTP on USB configuration. Now in your iPhone you need to turn off the find my iPhone option from the setting menu and you are good to go.

Now open the AnyTrans tool and connect both the device via USB to your PC. Now here it will show you the device that you have connected, click on this arrow icon to move forward and here you will get options to transfer various types of files from your Android Device to iOS, now you can simply check the types of files that you want to move and again press this arrow icon and it will start transferring your files from Android to iOS it’s as simple as that.

So, after using this tool I was pretty surprised that how well it works, transferring files using AnyTrans is like coping files from one drive to another, the UI is very minimal and it’s also very easy to use.

Overall, AnyTrans is one heck of a software that can effectively replace iTunes if you start working with it. You can use most of its features for free but you can also go with the paid version that is slightly costly affair at $39.99 (single license)  $ 49.99 (Personal Licence) and $59.99 (Family license) but it’s worth every penny you pay for.

Download AnyTrans: Click Here


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