Get Paid For Time Spent On Social Media With Bonk Live Streaming App

In recent times, the social media is going agog with respect to the development and financial impact of social media to our everyday lives. Hundreds of millions of people spend over 50% of their daily hours on social media and in most cases, they just leave without any sort of financial benefit. All these can change if we are a little bit attentive to the things that are going on around us. There are millions of people who make a decent living out of the hours they spend on social media thus I believe you can do same. We often see Facebook and Instagram users with thousands of likes and comments, their fans even anticipate their next post but the users have no financial gains for this popularity and time spent. Bonk live streaming app is here to change all that. Bonk Live Streaming App is one tool that guarantees that you will not only spend money in streaming videos online, you will make money also whenever you do so.

bonk live streaming app

What Is Bonk Live Streaming App

This app is a tool for broadcasting live-streaming videos and watching others’ videos. Bonk Live is a social media platform for broadcasting and advertising both for live commercial play and branding products while watching live streaming videos. You can go live, connect with your favorite stars and earn rewards and cash. The appeal of live video streaming is clear, some people get famous, and others thrive on the immediate connection and feedback. With this app, you can broadcast yourself and meet new people with similar interests worldwide.

bonk live streaming app

One interesting aspect of Bonk Live is that there are special offers from major brands and projects which you can key into and you can earn money for reading local and international advertisements. That not all, you can also make some cool cash for playing branded commercials while streaming live. Yeah, this all sounds too real to be true but it doesn’t hurt to try. First things first, you have to get an ASAP Bonk live debit card with MasterCard facilities when you stream live. With Bonk Live you can log in with a phone number, Facebook account, or Instagram account.

Bonk Live – The Details

One important fact about this platform is that it requires that you must have established a strong social media presence. This means that you got a lot of followers and your posts are meaningful to them thus whatever you drop online is appealing to your fan base. At this point, you can be considered to be an influencer. An influencer is a user on social media who have established credibility within one or multiple industries and has access to a large following. Influencers possess the ability to persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Note that anyone can use the BonkLive™ app to showcase his or her talents to achieve stardom. From celebrities, social influencers, athletes, to everyday people. BonkLive offers an opportunity for users to generate income through its creative advertising strategies.

bonk live streaming app

How Does Bonk Live Work

The primary method of advertising on BonkLive™ is by placing your logo in the 20-minute advertising carousel to be featured during a user’s live broadcast. The cost for a 10-minute logo placement is $60. By Clicking on this logo, a user can view your special offer or promotion. The advertiser pays $0.25 per logo click and the broadcaster gets paid for every click as well. The secondary method of advertising on BonkLive™ is by having the broadcaster either run your 30/60 second commercial or by reading your advertisement live on stream. The broadcaster will create a call-to-action to their audience to purchase your product or service. Each influencer can earn thru advertising their logo on your screen while a qualified broadcaster can earn more thru commercials such as advertising reads and videos. Broadcasters can receive virtual gifts, which can be redeemed for cash.

Bonk Live – The Levels

Bonk Live broadcasters start off as a Bonnaroo level 10 and continue to rise up to level 20 (Bonnarookie). From there, we have Bonkeroony, level 30 and then Bonkers, level 40. At level 50, you will be called Bonkai while levels 60, 70 and 80 are called Bonkertronz, Bonkin, and Bonkified respectively. Level 80 (Bonkified) is the highest level at which point you don’t have any restrictions. The Bonkified Broadcaster earns Diamonds when they play a commercial or read a jingle or advertisement. Only Bonkified users can play commercial video, read jingles or advertisements.
When a Bonkified broadcaster plays an ad during a broadcast, the broadcaster receives one diamond for every minute the video commercial plays. No commercial can be longer than 3 minutes.

bonk live streaming app


All earnings on Bonk Live come in form of coins. Gold coins can be purchased in packages while viewing any broadcasts or from the Bonk live coin shop at any time. One Diamond costs $50 USD and can be withdrawn as cash or exchanged for gold coins. All monies can be transferred to Bonk Live users ASAP debit card or used via the MasterCard facility as depicted on the card. When Bonk live viewers users want to send gifts, he or she can buy gifts via the gold coin shop on the Bonk live application during any live broadcast. Earned Virtual Gifts can be turned back into cash and redeemed at 20% of the original Value in cash.

Please note that users can make flying comments by tapping the megaphone in the text box. Bonk Live users can swipe up and down from one broadcast to another. Inappropriate commenters and sexual content of any nature will be blocked and banned. The terms of use specify that users must be at least 18 or have parental permission to use the tool, but teens and young teens are broadcasting.

For all those that spend massive hours on social media just for fun and meeting people, this is an opportunity for you to make it worth your while. This app is compatible with all android devices so you can be sure that at least one of your gadget can run the app effectively and it also got a good review too. have fun peeps!


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