10 Best Android Games Of Mid 2017 That You Must Try Right Now

Games of mobile devices were initially made to kill some time when stuck in long queue, but with advanced programming and smarter more capable devices these smartphone games have made a new genre of gamers called mobile gamers. So today we are here to please this genre with the best android games of mid 2017. Some of these are big titles whereas some are new to the game (chuckles).

So now with that been said, let’s start

10 Best Android Games Of Mid 2017

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  • Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is currently the most graphically appealing game on the shelf, the injustice 2 is pretty much like the initial injustice which is good but the one most important upgrade is that now there are literally no unlockable moves left in the game, each and every move has a block available but yes the stronger the move harder it is to block which is quiet sensible, new move and ability were pretty obvious but another new feature is the inclusion of several game modes. Aside from the regular campaign mode, you get to participate in online battles with Arenas, and Operations mode where you send your team members to fight online.

  • Asphalt Street Storm

When track racing legends drop into drag racing brilliance is what we get, and asphalt street storm is no exception. Game loft has plenty to offer when it comes to racing games, but with their latest asphalt title they definitely turned some heads, unlike asphalt xtreme the game is easy to play, at 920 MB of space the game obviously has stunning graphics which something very predictable as asphalt is a flagship game for Game loft, but Asphalt Street Strom Racing takes up too much space for a drag racing game and needs active connection to run. If the connection is disrupted, it takes a while to resume even on a 4G network.

  • Unkilled

Unkilled is another one of zombie shooter game, what makes this different is it wide compatibility it runs smoothly even in budget smartphones with just 2GB ram, plus the PVP mode is just amazing and smooth in normal internet connection. I think the key selling point on this game are the stellar visuals in the cuts scenes and above average graphics. Overall these graphic are not as good as injustice 2 and asphalt but still these are arguably stunning. Also the storyline is amazing with some levels even allowing you to play using mounted machine guns and snipers.

  • Star War: Force Arena

Star wars fans buckle up cause it’s time for a real star wars game, Star War: Force Arena was must say a fare attempt towards making a true Star wars real-time strategy game for android, but they ended up making it a game similar to clash royal. This game had lots of issues finding online players, controls weren’t optimized and there were frequent unwanted lag and crashes.

  • Crossy roads

These were some few intense games now let’s lighten you up with casual games, crossy roads being one of them. This is arguably one of the weirdest tap game, all you do is tap and help your character cross a ton of roads which sounds easy but it isn’t that is easy. Like every classic casual you are sure to get addicted to this one and there’s not a lot to say but definitely it’s worth a download.

  • Word Brain 2

Word Brain 2 is also a casual but hard word game, do not take the word lightly cause damn the game is hard, the concept behind the game is worth mentioning, each round is on a specific topic, depending on the level there would one or more words that you need to answer, the tricky part is that you have the letters, the topic and the word size and now you need to find the word. For some it might be very addictive for some it might be frustrating.

  • Cut the rope

Cut the rope I am pretty sure everyone has heard of this title, well they are back with another game which is luckily free to play and it’s called Cut The Rope Magic, this brings us the ultimate cut the rope puzzle experience with a pinch of magic in it, the new world is dope, especially because you can easily change your character into a bird or something to help solve the level. Overall it’s a great game and you should definitely give it a try.

  • Pinout

Pinball plus endless damn that’s an idea, and exactly what pinout has to offer the game is a wonder and it’s amazing, the bright neon colors just adds to its amazedness. Pinout has no special power packs or anything it’s just pure bliss and the game literally makes me spellbound.

  • DLS 17

DLS 17 is a successor to the much celebrated DLS 16 the soccer is pretty much the same but comes with better graphics, new animations and overall optimization. Dream League soccer is a Manager cum player soccer game, the graphics are subtle and the best part about this soccer game is unlike other soccer games it does not add ton of features, it keeps the game light. The only goal is to upgrade your club and win he global league. At almost 300 MB this is worth a try.

  • Critical Ops

Now we have a surprise for all CS GO lovers, yes finally we found a true android game which can help you take your CS love on the go and 170MB Critical Ops is the perfect CS GO replacement for android, the graphics are relatable, the characters and the game modes are all the same except for the crates feature, which is little awkward as you cannot buy weapons once you are in the round, you need to unlock them, equip them and upgrade them. Still the graphics are very good and the gameplay is smooth, some of the maps might be missing but still the game is amazing.

So Guys if you have think we have missed any game then do let us know that in the comment section, and for more future videos like this do subscribe to XtreamDroid.

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