Meizu Pro 7 Antutu Benchmark is IN – Does Helio X30 compare with Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895?

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu is about to launch its seventh generation flagship phone – Meizu Pro 7 with Helio X30. Just before the launch event we received the first ever Meizu Pro 7 Antutu Benchmark score. Can Helio X30 compare with Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895?

Helio X30 vs Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 – Which is the fastest?

With Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 already inside popular phones like Xiaomi Mi6, OnePlus 5 and Samsung S8 we know how they perform. I personally believe Snapdragon 835 is inferior to Samsung’s Exynos when it comes to battery life and ISP. Let’s see all their specs side by side to compare:

Besides all chips using 10nm fabrication process, which is the latest and best for efficiency the other specs couldn’t be more different.

Snapdragon and Exynos use a 4+4 core configuration, however, Qualcomm’s chip has 8 big Kryo 280 cores, but Exynos uses 4 big M2 Cores and 4 small A53 ones. In short Qualcomm don’t use a BIG.little configuration, but rather 4 high clocked and 4 lower clocked cores.

Snapdragon 835 Antutu Benchmark Score from 1+5

Exynos 8895 uses BIG.little with 4 big custom M2 Cores and 4 small A53 cores.

Exynos 8895 Antutu Benchmark Score from Samsung S8

Helio X30 takes another different approach. You might even call it BIG.Little.tiny configuration.

With just two very high clocked A73 cores partnered by 4 A53 ones and 4 of the smallest ARM A35 cores. Now, this is the first time A35 has ever been used in any device. In theory they should provide enough performance for menial tasks and consume very little power.

In terms of graphics again we see the widest variety possible. Snapdragon is powered as always by their own Adreno 540, which many consider the best mobile GPU. Samsung’s Exynos continues to use the highest core count of ARM Mali GPU the G71. Mediatek Helio X30 banks on the iPhone 7 GPU PowerVR 7XT, which has been a bit absent from the Android playground for a while.


Helio X30 Antutu Benchmark Score

What do you think? Can Helio X30 Antutu benchmark score be higher or competitive to chips like Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895? Today, we finally received the first Meizu Pro 7 official Antutu score.

meizu pro 7 antutu benchmark helio x30 antutu

As we expected using smaller CPU and fewer GPU cores Mediatek’s Helio X30 closely compares to Snapdragon 821, but nowhere near Snapdragon835/Exynos8895 levels.

Despite the lower score we expect Helio X30 to be just as fast in daily usage, but offer better battery life, since the entire chip should be much smaller compared to Samsung and Qualcomm.

Meizu Pro 7 with Helio X30 Launching in mere minutes

You can watch Meizu Pro 7 Launch live stream using this stream link

Here are some photo prior to the event. Check out our detailed Meizu Pro 7 Specs article.

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