Tips To Attracting Subscribers, Likes And Views To Your YouTube Channel

The dream of many site operators is to have a maximum number of subscribers but how do we go about this? Captivating captions, good contents and appealing writing and video skill will be appreciated but there are other parameters which are as important as those mentioned above. Social Signals are very important and are more or less a vote for your site or page. The more you have the stronger the signal that your site can be considered quality. Social media platform is swiftly becoming more of a ranking factor with Google. Recently according to Search Engine Watch, Google was given access to Twitters data which is an indication that they will start paying attention to tweets, likes and retweets. How to accumulate the views and likes on your page, site and YouTube videos is what SocialProof is offering. Now that Google has access to the Twitter database, it is only logical to think that it will be looking at that data to determine the ranking of a website or page. Additionally, Facebook naturally has the largest user base thus it is an obvious space for Google to see what people are liking which automatically pushes that site/post to a top rank.


When someone visits your web page for the first time, their eyes are naturally going to be drawn to the number of people following you. When you post a video on YouTube, the number of existing views automatically raises the curiosity of subsequent viewers. The higher that number, the more viable you look, because of the herd theory, which states that “X number of people can’t be wrong about something.” We should feel lucky because there is a huge gap between campaigning for your site/post with your mouth and doing so on social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram have millions of users. When you imagine that a bulk of the people on social media are also interested in your video and sound (examples of these include YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and Dailymotion), you are talking about billions of viewers.

What Does SocialProof Stand For?

SocialProof is a complete Social media marketing service site that provides a comprehensive set of services unrivalled services. SocialProof offers promotional services such as “sharing” your Facebook posts or “retweeting” your tweets. This gives you more exposure and can begin the process of your brand or service “trending,” which essentially gives you free publicity-after all, the more times people mention you, the more likely it is that someone will find you. Similarly, Social Proof can give you “followers” or “friends.” When performing an internet search, this can improve your search ranking, because SEO searches simply scan the web looking for your name, and the more times it appears (such as on a social media platform), the more likely it is that your company or service will be higher in the search-making it more noticeable and therefore more likely to get a “click.”

SocialProof Offer

SocialProof offers low cost and anonymous followers and sharing opportunities for numerous different social media platforms. There are smaller plans for those just starting out and larger ones for companies that have been using social media for a while. Social media platform advertising is all about getting people to notice you, and SocialProof allows you to get noticed quickly and easily.

Some of the advantages of buying from SocialProof include

  • Fair Pricing – Its pricing is quite fair and based on the market. Prices do fluctuate depending on ability to deliver.
  • High Quality – It works hard to provide the highest quality service.
  • Fast Delivery – It provides detailed delivery times with every order so you know how long it took.
  • Anonymous Delivery – nobody will know you are using SocialProof services.
  • Secure – does not require logins and passwords
  • Fast Support – quick response by customer service

Below are the current rates for standard views, standard bulk views, fast views and guaranteed views.





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