The Five Years Old Xiaomi Mi 2/2S Still Trending with 500 Million Users around the Globe!

Over the years, Xiaomi has launched a lot of smartphones. Five years old Xiaomi Mi 2/2S cannot be considered as one of the best Xiaomi smartphones, however, reports suggest that they are absolutely the most successful models with over 17 million sales thereby giving Xiaomi a huge user base. Xiaomi Mi 2 was released in August 2012 and it is only a few weeks away from being five years old still many users still have this smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi 2/2S – The Reasons Behind Its High Usage

This morning, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun took to his Weibo account to announce that five years old Xiaomi Mi 2/2S is still been used by almost 500 million people. This is puzzling because the Xiaomi Mi 2/2S has a small 4.3-inch screen. Nevertheless, it is believed that the large usability of these smartphones goes beyond its small screen size, it may be due to the fact that many users don’t just change their smartphones when it is still working fine. The durability of the Xiaomi Mi 2/2S may just be the major reason behind its high usage.

five years old Xiaomi Mi 2/2S

Overall, let’s not forget the battery life of Xiaomi Mi 2/2s. Apart from the life span, its batteries are the most available Xiaomi battery, convenient to fix and easy to replace. In addition, because this smartphone is durable, it can be used and sold off as a refurbished smartphone thus most of the Xiaomi Mi 2/2S today should not be in the hands of the original owners who must have upgraded rather they will be used by second or third party handlers by now.  If Xiaomi can mobilize and understand the needs of these users, Xiaomi is poised to make a great fortune out of this aged smartphone.

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Source (Translated from Chinese)

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