FvdTube – Best YouTube Alternative With Inbuilt Music and Video player

YouTube is a leading online video streaming service that allows you to view, share and even download your favourite videos. Now streaming is just a fancy word for downloading, meaning every time you watch a video on YouTube you are spending your precious data on it. Now I am aware of the fact that YouTube App also supports a feature that lets you download the video to watch it offline, but it has its own limitations like you cannot share that file on which you just spend your data and not all videos can be taken offline.

And that’s exactly why today I am going to show you a best alternative app for YouTube that lets you do all the previously mentioned things like download your favourite YouTube video in any available format plus you also get an inbuilt music and video player within the app which you don’t find in any other app of the same category.

So now with that been said let’s start.

FvdTube – Best YouTube Alternative

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The app is called FVDTube and it’s a free app that you can download from the link in the description down below. Now once you have download the app let’s see how this app is better than the YouTube app and what are the features that it has to offer

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The app offers lots of features like it blocks the annoying popping ads, download multiple videos at a time, download videos directly into audio format, has inbuilt audio and video player more on that  in the later part of the video.

The UI of the app is minimal and easy to use, when you first open the app you will see a familiar UI just like the official YouTube app with some tweaks like at the top you will get a music library on which all your downloaded audio and video files are sorted in different sections so you don’t have to go through with different folders.

One of the best thing that I liked about this app is that by default all the annoying ads that pops up at the start or during the video is blocked which you will definitely like unless you are not a YouTube content creator (you know what I mean).

Now let’s see how it works, it is actually as simple as using a YouTube app. From the search bar just search for your favourite video that you want to download, once the video is listed just click on that to play it and now you will get this download icon that pops up at the bottom right corner, click on that and here you will find lots of different formats that include audio as well as video formats. As I mentioned earlier that in this app you also have the feature to directly download video in audio formats and this could be really useful if you one of those who like to listen lots of music and we all know that YouTube has one of the largest music library in the world, so you won’t be having any issues in finding the right music according to your taste.

Once you have downloaded the video in your choice of format then you can easily access the file within the app as this app has its own inbuilt audio and video player and you don’t have to download any audio or video player separately.

Just click on this icon at the tip right corner to access the music library, here you will find your download file just click on that and it will start playing it’s as simple as that. This app also gives you the ability to share the downloaded video or audio file with your friends with just a single click. You can either share the link of the video or you can share the whole file and this is one of those features that I really hope the official YouTube app should also have.

One of the coolest feature of this app is that you can create your own playlist, and even you can set your favourite music as your ringtone within the app.

So all and all I think this is one of the best YouTube alternative which not only gives you the access to YouTube but also gives you the ability to download videos in audio format, set ringtones and even create your own play list.

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