Xiaomi ‘Chiron’ Specs LEAKED – 8GB RAM & 6-inch JDI Display (18:9?)

We have already witnessed the Xiaomi Mi6 which is the flagship smartphone from the company for this year. Now, we all are ready to have our first look at the Mi Mix 2 which will be the successor of last year’s Mi Mix. Today, we got a new rumor about a device called Xiaomi Chiron, and the rumored specifications hint at a smartphone with bezel-less display and big size.

As per the source of this rumor, the Xiaomi Chiron is coming with a massive 8GB of RAM that we have seen on phones like the Zenfone AR, Nubia Z17 and OnePlus 5. So, 8GB RAM along with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor is surely going to promise super smooth performance and multi-tasking. One of the highlights of the Chiron is going to be a 6-inch Display that will be manufactured by JDI (Japan Display INC.) There are also rumors that the Redmi Pro 2 is having a bezel-less 6-inch display, so the chances are that this ‘Xiaomi Chiron’ is the upcoming Redmi Pro 2. But, since the Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3 are also coming with bezel-less design, we cannot say anything yet.

Xiaomi Chiron 6-inch JDI Display

We are hearing the news of a 6-inch bezel-less display by JDI for quite some time now, and it seems that it is the time now to implement it on the smartphones. It seems like Xiaomi is going to be the first one to have this display on its upcoming smartphone. The display is going to be 2160x1080p so most probably; this will have the aspect ratio of 18:9 or 2:1, i.e., a bezel-less design.

There is not much information yet, so we have to wait to get more details. Stay Tuned.


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