Is MIUI 9 On Its Way? Xiaomi MIUI Official Drops Clue!

It has long been reported that the MIUI 9 is under development and testing phase and soon Xiaomi will launch the beta version of this interface for its Xiaomi smartphones users. MIUI which is based on the Android operating system has gained a lot of local popularity thus so many people are expecting this update.


After years of development, MIUI functionality has greatly improved and the personalized aspects have a very good performance. Xiaomi smartphones usually sport the MIUI system and most of them have a very low price tag. This has attracted a lot of customers which automatically increased the MIUI usage. With so many users of this system, MIUI development naturally becomes a subject of concern. On the 19th of June, an MIUI official released a message “forward these letters, you will have the universe and good luck!”. This came with MIUI boldly written in the message.


Obviously, the official is giving a clue that something big will happen soon. MIUI is now seen as an excellent system as it has about 200 million users, in over 156 countries and regions with 32 languages. The real big deal that is expected from MIUI right now is the official release of MIUI 9. Some users strongly believe that MIUI 9 is on its way. Last year, MIUI 8 was released on the 10th of May and this made many to believe that MIUI 9 will come in like manner.  Right from MIUI 6, the iteration time interval for each version was no more than one year and presently, a year has passed thus it is widely believed that MIUI 9 will be released sooner rather than later.

There is a consistent anticipation as to when MIUI 9 operating system will be released, what will be the upgrades and which smartphones will receive these updates. As of now, we can only wait and watch the events as they unfold.

Source (Translated From Chinese)

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